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Gamer Next Door: Resident Evil 6
  • October 01, 2012 : 15:10
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Capcom is back with the latest chapter in the evolution of their hit survival horror game series, Resident Evil, and our Gamer Next Door, Jo Garcia, is here to talk about it. The sixth entry in the chronicle of the Umbrella Corporation's out-of-control biomedical weaponry, Resident Evil 6 takes a different path than before, allowing the gamer to experience separate but connected storylines from the perspective of three different protagonists. But the changes in gameplay don't take away from what RE is known for: thrills, kills and insane monster action. Check out Jo's review for more!

Resident Evil 6 hits stores Tuesday, October 2, but you can get your pre-order in now.

Be sure to check in with Jo tomorrow on Twitter, when she'll give away a pair of Resident Evil Astro A40 headphones and an Astro MixAmp to one lucky fan. Details to come, just check her out @GamerNextDoor.

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  • Anonymous
    Cobra Kai kicks ass. Also RE6 seems to be riddled with issues that they still have not addressed for the longest time. I hate the QTE in Resident Evil games. So annoying and all too often. But glad your excited to play it. Enjoy Also I hope i win the A40s