Ultimate Gentleman: Absinthe, Winter Wear, Paramount Boxset

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>The Paramount Records Boxset, Armor Lux Peacoat, and Green Velvet Absinthe are among this week's must haves for you, the ultimate gentleman. </p>

Music box sets get more and more elaborate as consumers switch over to buying their music digitally as opposed to on a physical medium. In far too many cases the extra bells, whistles and assorted ephemera included are little more than distractions from the music. But the new Rise and Fall of Paramount Records Box Set is a real objet d'art—something you’ll be proud to display in your place. And that’s just all the wonderful window dressing, musically it captures what America truly sounded like in the 1920s with an extensive collection of old-timey blues, jazz, gospel and Tin Pan Alley from the Paramount label.

The box set consists of 800 remastered digital tracks on a forged metal USB drive, six vinyl records on brown wax with hand-engraved gold leaf labels, 200 original ads and photos for the records and artists, plus two books on the music and label, all packed in an oak case with handcrafted metal handles. It looks beautiful and it sounds even better.

$400.00, ThirdmanRecords.com

The peacoat is forever in style, looks good on every man who sports it and is fitting for both casual and formal outfits. Best of all, it’s practical outerwear for these colder months. The Armor Lux Reefer Peacoat, made in France to French Navy specifications, is the one you need to look good while simultaneously battling the elements.

$525.00, Westerlind.us

Absinthe vanished from American shelves for decades. While you can now purchase the anise-flavored spirit in many fine U.S. liquor stores, you may want to import a bottle from the Continent for an authentic green fairy experience. Green Velvet is a Swiss microdistillery premium product perfect for the absinthe dilettante and connoisseur alike. Distilled according to a traditional method and using the original 1898 family recipe, the mellow-tasting Green Velvet is made with a blend of fresh local herbs and the spring water from Val-de-Travers.

$121.00, Absinthes.com

The future is now with the Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Pen. When used with the special Livescribe dot paper, the pen automatically records all of your handwritten notes and uploads them to your free Evernote account. With one tap, turn on the audio recorder within the pen and that work meeting is recorded and auto-uploaded to your accessible-on-any-computer Evernote storage.

$138.80, Amazon.com

For aeons, Pre-Columbian Maya celebrated the winter solstice at the walled city of Tulum in Mexico. Keep the tradition alive and have the time of your life at the Time and Space Festival this year. Located at the Bahia Tankah resort at the foot of the ancient Tulum site, the festival features 50 of the world’s best DJs and EDM artists. There’s no better way to celebrate the shortest day of the year than by dancing on a beach on the shores of the stunning Caribbean sea. What winter?

$103.43, Timeandspacefestival.com

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