Ultimate Gentleman: Foosball, Goldbely, Kevin Hart

By Vanessa Butler

<p>Lingerie for her, Kevin Hart Stand up & a Gaucho Rambler are this week's must-have's. <br></p>

If you’re working the nine-to-five, chances are your bosses have taken note of all the hip tech companies that are installing everything from swing sets to video game rooms and even slides in their offices after a slew of research came out that the happier your employees are, the better-performing their product is. If you’ve been tasked with the duty of selecting a few unconventional office supplies, might we suggest this gorgeous handcrafted Foosball Game Table? Who said games had to be kitschy? Keep it looking sharp and modern! It’s made of completely reclaimed hardwood and solid cast iron and includes black ironwork that is said to develop “a natural, red-orange patina over time, while game details—like iron nets and purposefully abstract ‘players’—give an antique appeal.”

These days, everyone is a little bit of a foodie, right? More than ever we’re searching for the hottest places to eat or the most innovative cuisines to incorporate into our at-home repertoire, and any chefs making a name for themselves are probably on television at this very moment. Recently we came across Goldbely, a curated food marketplace that “connects curious eaters with America’s best gourmet food purveyors.” There’s a lot of good food out there that you may have heard about but may not have the means to travel across the state to try. This site brings the coolest foods across America right to your doorstep for a pretty reasonable price. Some even include free shipping!


Kevin Hart’s latest stand-up tour DVD hits stores and online retailers October 15th, and we’ve got an exclusive clip of his close friends talking about the perils of being connected to one of the biggest comedians in the world who is known for taking his real-life stories onto the stage. Let Me Explain has already generated more than $32 million in theatrical ticket sales, becoming the fourth-highest-grossing stand-up film of all time. He must be doing something right!

The amount of work put into our fall fashion has made our head spin, so we’ve shifted our focus to attire that’s tailored for those “let me slip into something more comfortable” moments you’ve experienced with a beautiful vixen. Imagine her surprise when a gorgeous dressing robe is waiting for her in the powder room! Our beautiful Cybergirl Mosh models this stunning handcrafted lingerie from Dottie’s Delights in Chicago. Beautiful, aren’t they?

Photo by Jane J. Gaspar

While our Be Seen section is usually kept for upscale restaurants and major happenings, what you’re driving is even more important. Take a page out of our favorite writer Hunter S. Thompson’s book and invest in the limited edition 2013 Ural Gaucho Rambler. Only 50 will be made, and the bike includes a camp kit, blanket, windscreen and more. The asking price is $14,350, but we’re sure they’ll be going fast. Can you imagine hitting the desert highway, tripping across parts unknown with a gorgeous Bunny at your side? We think we’ve just decided what we’re doing next summer.


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