Get a Nightlife: Behind the Scenes

By Playboy Staff

Crystal on why getting your nightlife on the job is (usually) a good thing

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If there’s anything these pics from last week’s Jim Beam-Devil’s Cut shoot prove, it’s that my work and play go hand-in-hand (for the most part). Jessa Hinton and I were the lucky two to star in the Beam videos, which amounted to us getting all dolled up and dancing with a few hotties on set at Chicago’s Tzar Ultra Lounge.

Don’t get me wrong, it was an all-day shoot (13 hours to be exact!) that required take after take in unforgiving, skin-tight dresses, sky-high heels and the predictable windows of standing around. But when I look at these behind-the-scenes photos, I can’t help but appreciate that my job muddles the line between work and pleasure. It also didn’t hurt that the general manager at Tzar was my former boss from when I worked at Crescendo. We gladly took him up on all three of his vodka Red Bull offers to unwind and “get into character” so to speak. I know, lucky us.

After wrapping around nine o’clock, Jessa and I made our way to Japonais, treating ourselves to a few rounds of martinis and some much-needed sushi. We’d never met before the shoot, and now I have her number. Not a bad work day at all.

That’s not to say that modeling is all fun and games all the time. Not too long ago, I had a 6 a.m. call time for a swimsuit shoot after I’d just  pulled an all-night bartending shift that had ended an hour earlier. I went straight to the set and worked a 12-hour day, then met my girls for a “quick, early bite” at five which snowballed into shots, more shots and me being awake for a full 36 hours straight. Delirious doesn’t even cut it. Not that I had to meet my friends out after the shoot, but if you travel as much as I do for work, maintaining a social life (and a nightlife!) becomes a priority…and very difficult to do.

All in all, would I trade my day job for a 9-5 that has me staring at a computer screen all day? Not a chance. There are pros and cons to every line of work—we all know that. But the work-pleasure takeaway here is that when you make time to take the edge off and drink with your co-workers (or models and crew, in my case), it’s makes the bonding process a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

Thoughts? Do you think happy hour helps bring your office family together? Do you dread or look forward to post-work plans with your cube/office mates?

To give you a taste of my work world—and because this clip of Jessa shakin’ her thang says way more than words can—here’s a rough cut from the shoot. (That’s me behind Jessa.)

Headin’ out to Indianapolis now for another round of PB Golf, and you can bet I’ll be getting my nightlife on with my PB girls off the course. Wherever you find your nightlife this weekend, make sure you make it count! Where did summer go??



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