Getting Into the Halloween Spirit

By Crystal McCahill

Beware: Crystal takes her costume and party planning very seriously.

It’s definitely that time of year again. The leaves are changing, jack-o’-lanterns are popping up on doorsteps and everywhere I turn inspires another genius costume idea, only to be rethought about a hundred more times before Halloween actually gets here.

To me, Halloween is the holiday of holidays. My friends would probably tell you I look forward to the night like six-year-olds look forward to their birthdays. I count down the days like a little kid, choose a costume like I’m choosing a wedding dress and plot-scheme-pour over the details of the night’s festivities like…a crazy person. And I’m not ashamed to admit it! I get so into it that I usually end up making my costume from scratch so I have total control of the outcome, which usually falls somewhere in the Halloween-hottie-with-a-twist camp. Yeah, I can get pretty scary around the end of October. As can my bestie Kim—probably the only girl I know who gets just as freakishly into Halloween as I do. Her “dead teen” costume last year was a huge hit, especially with all the zombie fanatics. Check out our crazy costumes in the photo gallery to get a taste of how us Playmates do Halloween.

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One year in Chicago I braved the 30-something degree weather in not one but two different costumes—an emerald peacock and a Care Bear—because there was no way I was missing back-to-back theme parties, just because the Windy City decided to act like the dead of winter in October. For the peacock I had a friend air-brush my entire body to look like I had feathers and purple fur (don’t try that at home, kids); for the “Share Bear” Care Bear costume we painted a milkshake with two straws on my stomach. Despite the beyond-freezing temps, it was one of the best Halloweens I’ve had yet.

Another year I went as a raver girl (see gallery), passing out Sweet Tarts from a lunchbox to interested partygoers while generating more than a few interesting reactions. Over the top? Probably. Clever? Hell, yeah!

For my second Halloween at Hef’s, I decided to step up the sexy sailor outfit I wore to my first costume party at the Mansion with an Indian Chief getup. My handmade feather headdress was like icing on a cake (a LOT of icing on a cake), and it was without a doubt my favorite costume to date.

Ringing in Halloween will be a little different this year. As one of the Playmate party hosts on Bud Light’s Port Paradise Bahamas cruise, I won’t be able to dress up (tear). But I plan on living vicariously through my crew and all their interesting, wacky and no-they-didn’t! costumes. (That means you, Claire and Marston—a.k.a. Elvis & Priscilla.)

What will YOU be for Halloween this year? Leave me a comment below or send me a tweet with your prospective costume ideas. Or, send me a Twitpic of you in your costume, for all you eager OCD planners like me. Don’t worry, guys. I think there’s a support group out there for people like us. Until then, Happy Hallow-scheming!


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