Get a Nightlife: The Bunny House & Beyond

By Crystal McCahill

Crystal reveals what nightlife is like on Hef's stomping grounds.

For the next two weeks, I’ll be reporting from the Bunny House, which is basically like overnight camp (or “sleep-away” camp for you East Coast readers), minus the curfew and counselors and bad food. Like camp, you don’t find out who you’re rooming with until you land on the premises, yet the inevitable Playmate bonding makes the goodbyes bittersweet. (Naked pillow fights help with the ice breaking.)

Over the past two years, the memories I’ve made—and the stories behind them—will last a lifetime, most of them created somewhere between happy hour and 2 a.m. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the Mansion is two houses down from the back gate. Noodle fights in the grotto, Sunday parties in the game room, cook-offs (and sometimes drink-offs!) in the kitchen…needless to say, my nightlife here never disappoints.

Last weekend was somewhat tamer than usual. With Movie Night on Friday and a low-key Saturday curled up with The Princess Bride and white wine, we were well-rested by Sunday and ready to ring in Ashley Hobbs’s 22nd with a bang (meaning karaoke at The Gaslite and more shots than I’d care to remember). Hef’s brother Keith even came out in honor of the birthday girl, as did a lot of the Mansion staff. A night none of us will forget.

Tuesday was dinner at Boa with my girls Hope Dworacyzk and Ashley Chase, followed by sangria at the bar and an “interesting” encounter with a guy who recognized Hope from Celebrity Apprentice. After leaving said stranger at the bar, we kept our buzzes going at Soho House, making sure to carve out quality time in the photo booth. The pictures say it all.

Now for the lesson-learned moment—cue sappy instrumental music. It’s not always where you get your nightlife but who you get your nightlife with that ends up mattering most. You never know where your nightlife will take you, but as long as you keep an open mind to new faces and new adventures, the after-hours possibilities are endless!

A big congrats to @LilyLoveGood33 and @budnichols, the winners of my “Pun-ny Joke” contest and now the proud owners of VIP tix to the Deja Voodoo After-Party series in New Orleans. Great jokes, guys!


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