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<p>Get to know the guys and gals behind the mic at Playboy Radio!<br></p>

Did you know that Playboy Radio is currently streaming live 24/7 right now on Or that now you can take the wild and crazy antics of your favorite disc jockeys with you by downloading the shows as a podcast? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do! And with this newfound knowledge, why don’t you let our friends at Playboy Radio tell you why you should be tuning in to not one but all of the featured shows. You may even learn a thing or two!

Playboy’s resident party girl Jessica Hall and The Bachelor’s Bob Guiney are ready to take you behind the velvet rope of your favorite iconic brand in Playboy’s Happy Hour. Come on in and grab a drink, but don’t get too comfortable! Happy Hour is fast paced, fun and you never know who is going to be stopping by.

Wildest thing that’s happened on your show:

Bob Guiney: I would have to say the whole Amanda Bynes moment for me! We started doing BYNEDEMONIUM 2013 because I’m obsessed with her antics and Jessica genuinely loves her as an actress and has followed her forever. So it was something we both were really interested in following. To have her retweet us and then to end up on TMZ Live discussing all of it was pretty huge and wild for us. I would also say my birthday was pretty fantastic: Jessica, four Playboy models and plenty of costumes and cupcakes! Another wild one was having Jessica make me to do a chef’s tasting off her—that was pretty hysterical too! I know there are a ton more. But those are just a few.

Jessica Hall: So many wild things, from Bob being blindfolded eating a fig out of my ass to Billy Dean writing me a song on live air. He was totally flirting with me. [laughs]

Best advice to give a single guy:

Bob Guiney: Best advice for a single guy is “Don’t try too hard” and “Don’t be a douche.” I think a guy who is totally comfortable being himself and who is humble about things is going to be a guy that women will want to be around and someone they will want to get to know. From what I can tell, guys who think they are god’s gifts are generally disappointing…But what do I know!? I’m just a single guy. [laughs]

Jessica Hall: Be charming and funny. Women love men who can make them laugh but also have that romantic side to them. And don’t talk about other women on a date; focus on the one that’s in front of you, and if that doesn’t work out then focus on that booty call later!

Your show in three words:

Bob Guiney: Funny, sexy and relatable. Oh and, “We’re not douche-y.”

Jessica Hall: Hysterical, entertaining and comical.

The Playboy Morning Show is quite possibly the most fun, sexy and irreverent radio show out there. Hosted by the gorgeous Playboy model Andrea Lowell and funny man Kevin Klein, Playboy Morning Show features a no-holds-barred cavalcade of naked girls, raunchy games and fascinating guests. Aside from having this take place in your own living room, what more could you possibly ask for?

Wildest thing that’s happened on your show:

Andrea Lowell: Two things stick out in my mind:there was a power outage and Kevin and I ended up having rough sex in the studio, but the audio feed went out to the listeners!Oh, wait! That was an April Fools’ prank! It was so believable that people doubt it was a joke to this day!Jokes aside, when Tracy Morgan gave mouth sex to Playboy model Roxanne Dawn’s toes live in studio was a shock and unforgettable!

Best advice to give a single guy:

Andrea Lowell: Always be a gentleman, but be an animal in the bed! And never let a lady out drink you!

Your show in three words:

Andrea Lowell: Hilarious, arousing and intellectual.

Swing is a weekly exploration of the swinger lifestyle as seen through the eyes of Michael and Holli, aka “Pockets,” who are two real swingers and cast members of Playboy TV’s SWING. Let this totally nonmonogamous couple bring you deep into the swing scene. You’ll be a full-swap player in no time!

Wildest thing that’s happened on your show: Unbeknownst to us, our old producer made the decision to place the We-Vibe 3 inside of herself (off air in the control room). She then came into the studio while we were live on air and gave Holli the remote control it was connected to. When she went to answer calls from listeners Holli would slowly activate it. Why not, she had the remote in hand! At one point she dropped the phone and had a look of sheer ecstasy on her face. That was hysterical. 

[Another time,] we had a couple in studio discussing their life as swingers living in the lifestyle. They shared a story when they and a second couple were playing at their home during a full swap situation where candles were burning and music was playing. Romantic? Yes. Ruined? Of course! Why? Their cat jumped up and caught on fire. Then four naked bodies were running around trying to put out the flaming pussy. 

Best advice to give a single guy: Be real, be respectful and in your dating life don’t have unrealistic expectations. In the swinger or vanilla world, women like a sincere man with a sense of humor. Remember to manscape…what you look like gets you in the door; what you have inside keeps you there. 

Your show in three words: Sexy, funny and revealing.

The Frank Effect, hosted by Frank Stallone, is the most recent addition to Playboy Radio. Grammy-nominated artist Frank Stallone gives his opinion on corruption, injustice and the stupidity of the world around him. Make no mistake, Frank is no politician—he’s a patriot! The Frank Effect airs Wednesdays at 2 P.M. ET/11 A.M. PT on The Playboy Radio Network.

Best advice to give a single guy: Stay single.

Your show in three words: Topical, smart, funny.

Mansion Mayhem is your VIP key to the Playboy Mansion. Let Mansion insider Brian Olea and the gorgeous Miss August 2004 Pilar Lastra answer all your questions about the Playboy Mansion you’ve been dying to know about. Who was at the party last night? Who took off what? Anything steamy happen in the Grotto? Brian and Pilar know it all and they’re ready to spill.

Wildest thing that’s happened on your show:

Pilar Lastra: Brian surprising me with a male stripper on my birthday and him getting a Playboy bunny tattoo.

Brian Olea: I’ll agree, except it wasn’t a tattoo but rather a waxed bunny logo into my chest! [laughs]

Best advice to give a single guy:

Lastra: Read my book Treat Me Like Your Car: A Man’s Guide to Treating a Lady. It will give you all the advice you need to know about dating!

Olea: I’m still single, so not sure if my advice is worthy! [laughs] But live the mayhem to the fullest if you want to experience the road less traveled.

Your show in three words:

Lastra: Life at Playboy.

Olea: Inside the Mansion.


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