Your Nightlife Out to Sea

By Crystal Mccahill

Crystal on her Port Paradise Cruise adventures in the Bahamas

Until last weekend, I’d never been on a cruise. Sure, there’s the occasional friend with a boat, which never hurts during our scorching Chicago summers. And I’ve enjoyed my fair share of booze cruises, those three-hour outings that always feel like a week (partying with that many strangers midday will do that to you). As one of the four Playmate hosts on Bud Light’s Port Paradise Bahamas trip, I can now officially check “cruise” off my bucket list. Let’s just say that after four days and three nights on the Atlantic, I’m still trying to make the swaying in my head stop. Worth it? Hell yeah.

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Though it may have been one big Bud Light haze for all the 20- and 30-something partiers (plus the one adorable 80-something couple), the girls and I had a jam-packed itinerary of obligations and appearances before we were really allowed to let our hair down. With a “work hard; play hard” mentality, Tiffany Selby, Irina Voronina, Hiromi Oshima and I put in hours of autograph signing, contest judging and blackjack dealing on the ship’s recreated Playboy Club, fueled by the promise of free-flowing cocktails and backstage partying with the cruise’s featured performers: Incubus, Pitbull and Matt & Kate. I know, I know: Poor us. What can I say…it’s a tough job being a Playmate, but someone’s gotta do it.

Seriously though, I’d be lying if I said the trip wasn’t an utter blast. Still, I think I learned that I’m good for about three days at sea—max—before I’m itching to get back on land.

What are your guys’ thoughts on cruises, booze-y or otherwise? Send me a note on my twitter feed or leave a comment below!


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