Girl-on-Girl with Emily Blunt

By Staff

We dish the goods on Emily Blunt's same-sex on-screen sex scenes from her breakthrough film, My Summer of Love.

Might as well be blunt about it: we’re mad for sexy, funny British babes. And at the forefront of that race these days is the beautiful and eclectic actress Emily Blunt. But it wasn’t so long ago that this vixen, known more for her seductive and alluring brand of sex appeal rather than T and A (see her enthralling YSL perfume commercial below), was an up-and-comer looking for her big break.

Luckily, Meryl Streep came along at her HBIC-best in the 2006 hit The Devil Wears Prada, which gave Blunt (billed alongside the equally smokin’ Anne Hathaway) her first chance to bare her comedy chops for the masses. Tell us it doesn’t turn you on when you find out a sexy, talented girl is also a funny one. Her appearance (at about 4:40) in a Jimmy Kimmel exercise infomercial (alongside Scarlett Johansson and Mika Kelly, to name a few of the other hotties featured) got our funny bone good.

Since then, she’s made an iron-clad case for herself in Hollywood, culminating in what could be her biggest role to date, playing a woman of the future going head-to-head with time-traveling assassins in the upcoming Looper (which also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis).

But the bread and butter of Blunt’s blossoming career — and the basis of her particularly heady sex factor — has been a string of ingénue roles that have taken her in a number of provocative and sensual directions.

Blunt’s first accolades came not with chick flicks and action pics but from a simple but sexy drama about two wayward teens who spend a hazy summer in the throes of a passionate love affair. What really interests us here is that the film, My Summer of Love, actually centers on a lesbian relationship that runs from topless sunbathing to girl-on-girl action faster than you can spell bi-curious. The film got audiences going, not just because of the same-sexy content, but also because Blunt and her costar Natalie Press actually improvised their love scenes, making them for all intents and purposes unscripted and authentic sexual encounters. Sexy and psychological, just the way we like it.

But Blunt later hit it big time, appearing opposite Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, playing the titular character’s sexy and seductive other woman in Charlie Wilson’s War.

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