Get a Nightlife with Crystal McCahill

By Crystal McCahill

Our bartender-turned-Centerfold shows you how to party in her new weekly blog!

Hey, guys! Welcome to my new Get a Nightlife blog, where I’ll be showing you how to have a great weekend, every weekend.

In my five years of bartending, not to mention partying with Hef and my Playmate friends, I’ve learned a little bit about how to have a good time.

Want to know how to host the perfect party? Ideas for navigating an unforgettable night out with your boys? Need dating advice? I’ve got you covered!

I’m here to answer any and all of your crazy questions…and that’s where YOU come in. Send me a tweet @Crystalmccahil or leave me a comment on my weekly posts! I want to hear from you!

And speaking of feedback, I’m leaving you with my weekly Pick My Party Look poll to help me decide which look I should sport this weekend.

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Nightlife tip of the week: In the spirit of Dallas Mavericks’ Mark Cuban leaving a $20,000 tip for the waitstaff at Club Liv last week (after winning the NBA championship, but still), my first tip is to tip well and tip wisely–dollar bills only, guys! Bartenders always remember a good tipper.

Which brings to mind the best tip I ever made: In my first year of bartending, I got a $5,000 tip written out to me in a personal check from one of my regulars, who had just been given the hefty sum by his mother. (Nothin’ wrong with a mama’s boy!) I’m not saying you need to tip extravagantly, but being extra kind to those who serve you never goes unnoticed.

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