Guide to Gift Giving: Sister

By Vanessa Butler

She's one of the most important women in the world, so you better get her something nice!

The teen version of you would have never believed that one day you would want to spend money on your sister. But here you are reading an article on about the best gifts for her. If you think about it, you probably owe her a few of items you may have broken in the past, so getting her a gift to make up for it may not be such a bad idea. Ultimately, your sister is one of the most important women in your life. She is always there for you and will love you unconditionally. This year get her something that’s suited for her personality instead of opting for the prank gift.


You used to tease her for having a poster of Albert Einstein on her wall.

Under 100: Giantmicrobes Heart Warming Gift Box ($20)

Buy This If: She studied advanced Biology in university and still talks about it.

Over 100: PLAY COMME DES GARÇONS Canvas red heart low sneakers ($120)

 Buy This If: Your sisters’ latest internship keeps her running around NYC from 10-6.


She’s somehow the It girl of every bachelorette party around the world.

Under 100: Marc by Marc Jacobs Laptop Case ($78)

Buy This If: Your sister has a habit of uploading and tagging everyone in her vacation photos on the flight home.

Over 100: Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Leather Backpack ($392)

Buy This If: She needs room in her luggage for duty free purchases.

Sports Enthusiast

Your sister is the first you call when you get tickets for any sports game and she’s definitely beat you at air hockey more times than you would like to admit.

Under 100: Embroidered Yoga Mats ($60)

Buy This If: Her last three boyfriends have all been yoga instructors.

Over 100: The North Face Women’s Animagi Jacket ($149)

Buy This If: Your sister cannot get through a day without her morning jog.

Alcohol Connoisseur

Her crazy party days in college have resulted in an extensive knowledge of fine wines and immediate entrance into the best nightclubs in town.

Under 100: Oenophilia Bali 12 Bottle Wine Rack ($72)

Buy This If: She is always the first to volunteer to host a holiday get together.

Over 100: Capri Martini Glasses ($135)

Buy This If: She believes that every Wednesday should be celebrated with cosmos.


Your sister has no problem with going to the kitchen to make a man a sandwich.

Under 100: Stainless Steel Index Cutting Board ($80)

Buy This If: She always offers to cut up ingredients at family dinners in hopes to one day wow Gordon Ramsay with her mincing skills.

Over 100: KitchenAid 5-Quart Tilt-Head Artisan Design Series Stand Mixer ($350)

Buy This If: Her apple pies are secretly better than Moms.


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