Halloween 2012

By Playboy.com Staff

Halloween is coming, and it’s time to cast your vote to tell us which costume you’d most love to see Rebecca Carter put on and strip off!

Halloween is coming, and it’s time for our girls to get dressed up in their sexy Halloween costumes. And Playboy is asking for your help deciding how to dress up two of our hottest Playboy Girls in their sexy outfits. Cast your vote now to tell us which costumes you’d most love to see Leanna Decker and Rebecca Carter put on and strip off in our 2012 hot Halloween costume shoot. Come back each week for another round of voting.

Week 1 Update

Cybergirl of the Year Leanna Decker is Little Red Riding Hood, and she’s all decked out in a red hooded cape, corseted dress, crinoline and a pair of chaste white stockings. It suits her so well, she wouldn’t wear anything else – or, in our version of the story, anything at all. The Big, Bad Wolf turns out to be nothing more than a toy poodle – and pretty soon she’s wearing nothing more than her stockings. My, what big breasts she has! All the better to strip for you, dear Playboy readers – Leanna will have you wolf-whistling in no time.

Week 2 Update

Welcome aboard a flight of fancy with Amateur Rebecca Carter, your sexy stewardess. She’s wearing a black uniform with gold trim – peanuts compared to the black bra, panties and garters she’s got on underneath it. She unbuttons the uniform and takes it off, and then, wearing only a cap and neckerchief, she salutes and says Thank you for choosing Playboy. Non-stop service, continuing on to Playboy Plus, and passengers are allowed to carry on – so sit back, unfasten your belts and let Rebecca put you in the full upright position.

Week 3 Update

Good evening, and welcome to Playboy’s production of Swan Lake, featuring Cybergirl of the Year Leanna Decker as White Swan, and Amateur Rebecca Carter as her evil impersonator, Black Swan. Our leads appear in dramatic contrast – White Swan is innocent, sweet-faced, adorned with pearls, wearing sheer white tights and satin flats – and Black Swan is dark, glamorous, wearing fishnet stockings and heels laced up to her knees. In our version of the story, you’re the handsome prince, and only true love can break the spell - so hold on to your programs and see these two take it off in a sexy pas de deux.



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