Happy Easter from Playmate Amanda Cerny and Playboy

By Playboy.com Staff

Who better to wish you a Happy Easter than Playmate Amanda Cerny.<br>


The process of selecting the Playboy Easter Bunny is rigorous, and The Chosen One must pass a number of tests before being sworn in. But by the end of it, there are no bounds to what this special lady can do. How many eggs can she carry in a basket? All of them! Can she keep the chocolate from melting, no matter how hot she is? She must! Can she arrive, bestow all her gifts and disappear without being seen? Of course not! She is a Playmate!

{“pbembedwidget”:“gallery”,“id”:“13728”,“size”:“large”,“alignment”:“left”} Seriously, it was a heartrending experience for everyone involved—though we promise the process of elimination was entirely fair and unbiased—but we’re proud to present this year’s Playboy Easter Bunny for your viewing pleasure. Like we said, it’s not easy being a Bunny, but it sure is easy to sit back and watch as Amanda Cerny makes the transformation before our eyes. And let us tell you, she’s one bad, bad Bunny.

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Happy Easter from Playboy.com!

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