Happy Valentine's Day

By Playboy Staff

Thanks to Playboy.com's hottest models, your Valentine's Day just got a whole lot sexier.

Whether you’re a bachelor or a boyfriend, it’s not bad waking up to scantily clad Playboy.com models wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day. If you’re still at a loss for what to get your girl, or have gotten her something that our girls disapprove of, you still have time to swing by the store and save the day. Who knows, maybe she’ll become the centerfold of your dreams after she slips on that sexy lingerie number you bought her.

If you are living the dream as a bachelor this year, be happy you’re watching from the sidelines and revel in the fact that not only do you get to drink beer instead of champagne, eat whatever kind of fast food you feel like and watch the basketball game without feeling guilty, you had a slew of Playboy.com models personally wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day without having to lift a finger.


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