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Hot Shots: The Sexiest Stock Market Ever
  • August 04, 2011 : 20:08
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Dangerous animals and beautiful summer views abound in this week's Hot Shots. Our weekly look at the hottest tweets from the gorgeous women of Playboy.

Suzanne Stokes

@ssmeowshows off her blue bikini.

@StacySanches1 joins the sexy #FriskyFriday party that @Playboy hosts every Friday.



@Shannon_James blew fans an adorable #FriskyFriday kiss!

@Amyleighandrews @shannaMcLaughln

On the beach in Kauai with the fabulous @Amyleighandrews @shannaMcLaughln

@AmyLeighAndrews and @ShannaM0710 hit the links with Playboy Golf and then took a break enjoying the beaches of Hawaii.

@MissKassieLyn with Tiger

The king of the jungle looks pleased to be in the presence of the stunning @MissKassieLynn

@JaimeEdmondson with @MissMarch2009 roommates at PlayboyTV for 2 party

@JaimeEdmondson and @MissMarch2009 were all smiles at an event this week.



@FrancescaFrigo@FrancescaFrigo relaxed around the house, hit the pool, and gave a lesson on stocks this week while managing to keep us updated the entire time with sexy photos.


A careful glance at the the writing @DeannaBrooks reveals a warning that she may not be safe for work. You have been warned!

@IrynaIvanova@IrynaIvanova dips her toes into the waters of #FriskyFriday and we think it suits her quite well.

We'll have more Hot Shots for you next week!

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