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Game Changers
  • November 25, 2013 : 07:11
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Xbox One brings graphic muscle, motion sensors, streaming video and all your friends to the living room.

Image courtesy of Xbox Wire.

Hard drive: 500 GB
Processor: 1.75 GHz
Price: $499
The Xbox One includes a built-in Blu-ray player and a game DVR to record, edit and post your footage.
A new chipset allows Xbox One controllers to charge in three hours and last for 30 hours of gameplay.
Microsoft spent $100 million to redesign the controller, which includes rumble pads in the triggers.

You’ve watched a movie on Netflix, updated your fantasy-football team and jumped into a quick game of Call of Duty after noticing a friend online. Then a Skype call comes in. That’s the seamless life of the Xbox One. Microsoft designed the system to serve as a center of entertainment and gave it enough muscle to handle the job, from the 500-gigabyte hard drive to the 1.75-gigahertz processor. You control the system through motion and voice commands. It streams video from services including Netflix and HBO GO, handles Skype calls via a connected camera and can even serve up live TV. Of course the Xbox One plays a killer selection of games, and a built-in DVR records your finest achievements for posting online. It’s entertainment, multitasked. Image courtesy of Xbox Wire.


Ryse: Son of Rome
When barbarians slaughter his family, Roman soldier Marius Titus leads the charge into battle. The gorgeous landscapes overrun with warring army hordes demonstrate the Xbox One’s graphic power, while the savage close-quarters combat, filled with intense sword fights and brutal executions, proves that the next generation of gaming is gritty and real.


PLAYSTATION 4 plugs directly into your social life and brings your friends along to play, from the football field to the other side of the galaxy.
Image courtesy of Evan-Amos.

Hard drive: 500 GB
Processor: 2.75 GHz
Price: $400
Eighteen computing units generate 1.84 teraflops of graphics-processing muscle.
Play games in the cloud or download them directly to the hard drive.
The new controller uses a touch pad for added game control and a SHARE button to upload videos.

The Chicago Bears just torched the Minnesota Vikings’ defense for 400 yards in a blowout victory thanks to your deft play-calling. Press the SHARE button on the PS4 controller and upload a video of the game’s best play directly to your Facebook page. The PS4 is designed with your social-media life in mind, enabling you to post to your Twitter feed or hop into a friend’s game to play or spectate. A built-in touch pad on the redesigned controller lets gamers thumb through menus or scroll through power-ups in games such as Killzone: Shadow Fall. Activate remote play and the PS4 will stream games wirelessly to the Vita, Sony’s handheld game system. A huge game catalog, streaming video and your entire social life, all from the comfort of your couch.


Killzone: Shadow Fall
For the best display of the PS4’s graphics, visit Vekta. The distant planet is stuck on the verge of civil revolt, with only a wall to keep two rival alien races from waging full-on war. Shadow Marshal Lucas Kellan is charged with preserving the peace at any cost, whether diplomatically or by engaging in intense firefights with tricked-out weapons, drones and gadgets. It’s a sci-fi cold war thriller.

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