How to Be the Ultimate Gentleman: Arrested Development, Bourdain & Whiskey

By Vanessa Butler

<p>If you're the ultimate gentleman you already know about all of these things, don't you? <br></p>

The most famous personality in food, Anthony Bourdain, has debuted the first title in his book line: The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Texas Barbecue, written by iconic barbeque blogger Daniel Vaughn. “The Prophets of Smoked Meat acts as a guide towards the holiest of the smoked meat cathedrals in the Lone Star State while steering you away from those committing the worst of the barbecue sins,” Vaughn told us. “We won’t steer you wrong!” This book is a must-have for any man who spends his summer days yearning for the warmth of the Texas barbeque pit and wants to hone his own grilling skills in hopes of matching the iconic smoked meat made in the Lone Star State.

Tired of the same old same old in L.A.? Then make your way down to the place where all things are possible (within reason), NerdMelt! It’s basically the meeting of the minds when it comes to comedy, nerdom and pop culture. We asked the hosts of the popular Meltdown show, Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani, why the ultimate gentleman should be seen here. “The Meltdown is the ultimate place to be, because where else are you going to find the likes of Robin Williams, Aziz Ansari and Maria Bamford browsing for comic books before performing comedy in the back storage space of a NERD MEGA MART?” said Ray. “A great way to score with a lady or dude is to take them to a place where people will make them laugh. –Confucius,” quoted Nanjiani. Catch their show at the NerdMelt every Wednesday at 8:30 P.M.

Everlane Reverse Denim from Everlane on Vimeo.

We don’t care how old, how convenient or how sentimental your college gym bag is; don’t bring it to the office! We tend to work out more during the summer, and having an office-friendly duffel bag is very important when you’re coming from the gym. Everlane Reverse Denim carryalls are going from anywhere between 30 and 95 bucks, and we think their Reverse Denim Weekender is absolutely perfect for carrying whatever you need when that clock strikes five.

Being part of the crew in a bar is a really special feeling, especially when there’s a surreptitious side to it, and Seattle’s newest watering hole in Pike Place Market, Radiator Whiskey, has just that. When you pay $500 to join their “Flask Club,” you’ll not only get awesome perks in house, you’ll also receive your very own hollowed-out book containing a flask prefilled with your favorite spirit. Now that’s what we call a good friendship. Come for the moonshine cocktails made with their own brand of 100 proof liquor and stay for their “enhanced stoner food” curated by in-house chefs.

Have you decided to move your long weekend barbeque plans to Saturday so you can catch the highly anticipated return of Arrested Development on Netflix? Don’t be embarrassed about it; consider us a part of that crew too. If you’re looking to wear your heart on your sleeve to support the show, you’re going to have to shop around. Our favorite find thus far has been from Society6’s FeatherStone store, which has silkscreened their incredible oil paintings onto t-shirts, hoodies and a bunch of other things. You won’t look like a monster in these! Photo courtesy of Featherstone Portraits.


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