How to Be the Ultimate Gentleman: Beer, Coach & the Sopranos

By Staff

<p>What beer you need, what bag you must have & what food you should be eating in this week's Ultimate Gentleman. <br></p>

Photo Courtesy of Flickr.

If you’re caught with one of these confections you’ll be the talk of the office, your street and, in some cases, the town. Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City is the latest bakery to have fallen into the foodie spotlight with their half-croissant, half-doughnut pastry, the Cronut. Although the bakery opens at eight, a line starts to form down the street at around six A.M. They only make 250 a day, and people are willing to wait hours in line to get their allotted two. Some are even hiring people on Craigslist to wait in line for them at a fee of $70 for two cronuts. So the question is will you be seen in line, or will you be seen doling out a hefty price for one of these?

Backpacks are becoming permissible to wear again outside of the eighth grade, and we’re all for it. While our beautiful pinup queen Mosh posed with Bexar Goods backpacks late last year, our eyes and hearts have been set on the Bleecker Leather Backpack by Coach. “Equal parts rugged and refined,” this backpack is perfect for the modern businessman who needs to be connected via tablet or laptop at all times and doesn’t want to succumb to lugging around a subpar bag. You can grab the bag online for about $700 on the Coach website.

Few characters have better embodied the moral complexities of being a man in modern times than Tony Soprano. Part parent (“When you’re married, you’ll understand the importance of fresh produce”), part patriarch (“You don’t shit where you eat. And you really don’t shit where I eat”), James Gandolfini’s legacy as the Don of New Jersey requires watching (and re-watching), the Catcher in the Rye for in the 21st Century. Pick up the complete six season series for $280 on

Don’t let the ad fool you. The Urchin isn’t some kind of new-wave sex toy; it’s a water-resistant, shockproof Bluetooth speaker made by Boom. Whether you’re singing Miley Cyrus in the shower, taking business calls from the kitchen or biking down to the beach, you can bring the Urchin along. We’re amazed by the quality of the sound that this speaker can dole out; we’ve even heard of some people using it instead of their car stereo! The Urchin has an interchangeable skin (choose from three colors) and a battery life of about eight hours. If you’re looking for an affordable ($150) high-quality Bluetooth speaker this summer, this is the one you need.

There are a few times you’ve probably sighed after taking a swig of cold beer, and “Sweet Baby Jesus” may have been one of them. DuClaw Brewing are no strangers to unusual beer names (their staple blonde is fittingly titled “Bare Ass Blonde Ale”) and their porter, the aforementioned Sweet Baby Jesus Beer, is a chocolate peanut butter creation we never thought we needed in our lives until it hit our lips. Unlike other novelty beers, this rich, creamy stout really does taste like chocolate peanut butter and packs a nice alcoholic punch of 6.5 percent. If you’re ever around Maryland, drop by for a pint!


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