How To Be The Ultimate Gentleman: Campus Edition

By Tanner Cormier

<p>Just before you hit the books, we've got the goods on keeping it cool on campus.<br></p>

With summer winding down and a never-ending horizon of lectures and reading lists coming into view for many a sprightly young playboy, hitting the books will inevitably replace pounding the pavement on any given night. At times like these, the inner undergrad that lives deep inside us begins to sweat a little, simultaneously prepping for what lies ahead while capitalizing on the last of that fleeting summertime freedom. But we’ve got this: we’re good at making the most of what’s left. In the most gentlemanly fashion, of course.

Sometimes, looking the part is as important as actually playing it; if we learned anything in college, it’s that making appearances accounts for at least 15 percent of a passing grade, whether you’re being assessed by a prof or a pretty co-ed. No collegiate look is complete without a pencil-sharp blazer, and GANT Rugger is the undisputed master of the look you seek, so throw on an unconstructed blazer in a navy dark enough to make shrugging off the BA blues a cinch. The $600 price tag, maybe not.

When it comes to lugging your study materials around campus, utility must come before style. There’s a balance to strike—a more important lesson to learn than almost any other, son—and this Cocoon backpack will help you maintain your equilibrium. At barely three inches deep, the SLIM design conceals an almost freakishly efficient storage system that’ll accommodate everything you need for class and hide whatever helps take the edge off after.

Listen, indulgence for us normally entails some sort of small-batch scotch or imported cigars. But when you’re in the midst of your school daze, you need a healthier form of relaxation. If you’re not the varsity type, get your kicks with Madden NFL 25. They’re celebrating a quarter century of digital touchdowns with Amazon, offering up a killer preorder package that includes 17 Sunday passes to watch the games live on DirecTV for $100.

Freshman, sophomore or upperclassman, there’s a lot to sweat in the fraught days of undergrad degrees. And it’s not all academia; it’s prime time to figure out the fairer sex. Straight up, girls are getting hotter, but we trust you won’t let your nerves get the best of you. Keep a spot in that teched-out backpack reserved for Axe Black Chill and never worry about keeping your cool through anything the year throws in your lap.

Quick! While there’s still time, hop a plane, train or rideshare to D.C. and squeeze the last drops of cray out of the summer at the second annual Trillectro Music Festival. Touted as “the sweet spot where cultures converge,” the fledgling festival brings together some of the world’s buzziest burgeoning hip-hop and EDM stars for one day of genre-busting mayhem. Maybe a little more underground than we’re used to, but with A$AP Mob member A$AP Ferg on the roster (he of the recent Rihanna sightings), we’re thrilled to trill. August 17th only.


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