How to be the Ultimate Gentleman: Festivals, Fall Fashion & Tequila

By Vanessa Butler

<p>Check out Osheaga, Tarantula Tequila, Revel Body & more in this week's Ultimate Gentleman. </p>

Only one more sleep until Canada’s coolest music festival kicks off: Osheaga is back for another year of wild after-parties, sweltering summer days and a lineup fit for any kind of music enthusiast. While the festival is almost completely sold out this year, there are a few tickets left for their VIP experience going for $740 each, which includes on-site concierge, catered dinner, private bar and dedicated golf cart transportation from the main stage to the lounge. Now that’s the kind of festival experience we like!

Don’t think you have to go designer to have the best look; some of the greatest pieces we’ve been seeing lately have been coming from Etsy and other handmade marketplaces. One scarf that’s already on our wish list for the cooler months is this chunky olive plaid infinity scarf from System63. It’s fashioned with a tan leather cuff to give it a nice, unobtrusive flair and goes for $40 before shipping.

Who says the bachelor life needs to be filled with trips to your supermarket’s freezer aisle and Chinese takeout? Joe Yonan’s Eat Your Vegetables: Bold Recipes for the Single Cook will have you cooking in a way that your body and your date will thank you! “Every gentleman needs to know how to make satisfying, healthful food for himself—and anyone else in his life, whether it’s someone he’s trying to charm or someone he’s keeping happy,” explained Yonan. “With my book on his shelf, he can show off his facility with the most fashionable ingredient in the world of food: the season’s freshest vegetables. On a night he’s flying solo, he’ll be happy with a quick fusilli with fresh corn sauce. If he’s got company, it can be a creamy green gazpacho to start, followed by spinach enchiladas and a one-peach crisp for dessert. Light, delicious and nutritious, leaving plenty of room and energy for romance, if that’s on the agenda. And isn’t it always?”

This week, give your partner some pleasure. We’ve been hearing rave reviews about the latest sex toy gadget called the Revel Body, whose indiegogo campaign raised over 200 percent more than its initial goal last year. This new vibrator technology is the first of its kind, touting itself as the first sonic vibrator ever created. It’s got 50 percent more power, 200 percent greater sensation range and claims to be 90 percent less noisy than other leading sex toys. These all sound like pretty good reasons to buy your girl her own. We promise she’ll thank you twofold.

Last week was international tequila day, but that’s not to say we’ve retired our lemon wedges and shot glasses. One of our surprising finds during this year’s festivities (meaning drinking half a bottle of tequila on a weekday) was Tarantula, made from 100 percent blue agave and, get this, 100 proof. This stuff will sneak up on you, so watch out if you’re doing shots, but we favor it in the form of a Moscow mule with jalapeño garnish. 

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