How to Be the Ultimate Gentleman: Frank & Oak, F1 & Nunya Sauce

By Vanessa Butler

<p>All the accessories you need to be the best man you can be. <br></p>

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Where do you find some of the sexiest women you’ll ever lay eyes on, the sickest parties you’ll ever attend and a chance to watch the best F1 drivers of the world compete? This should be a no-brainer: Montreal’s Grand Prix. Streets will be closed, terraces will be overflowing with gorgeous socialites and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even see a few of our girls there. More amazing things have happened. Whether you’re cheering for Vettel, Raikkonen, Alonso or for a beer girl to top up your drink, you’ll have a blast.

So you couldn’t dole out enough cash to make it to Montreal’s F1 Grand Prix this year? You should buy Grid 2 and wallow in your sorrow in front of your big screen with a cold beer to comfort you through this first world problem. “If you want a racing game that gives you the whole picture—the speed and the glory—then Grid 2 is the one,” producer Ian Smith told “You’ll be exhilarated behind the wheel of the greatest cars in the world, but you’ll see your success and rise to stardom off the track, too, on ESPN SportsCenter and through social media. It’s a complete package and totally rewarding.” Pick up your own copy of Grid 2 today on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Be sure to tweet Pamela Horton with your thoughts on the game to @GamerNextDoor.

Online clothing company Frank & Oak are still expanding their brand and keeping it real by collaborating with some of the trendiest guys around, like Chromeo’s Dave 1. “The inspiration here was the disheveled elegance of the South of France: the Stones recording Exile at Nellcôte, manly gents who aren’t afraid to pose next to a bouquet of flowers, the morning after a wedding…” Dave Macklovitch, (aka Dave 1) said. “I like to think of it as a complete wardrobe: essential pieces that can all be effortlessly combined.” Frank & Oak x Dave 1 is available exclusively through

Need to update the contents of your golf bag for those days you’ll spend on the green with the higher-ups? While we advise you to keep your clubs simple, you can add a little distinctiveness to your set to catch your bosses’ eye. TaylorMade, known for their adoration from the pros, has released their R1 Driver, which they boast is the most used driver on tour, in a matte black. Just don’t let your ego from the green go to your head once you hit the clubhouse. Preorder yours now.

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Grilling season is upon us. The drinks are flowing, the steaks are sizzling and we’re procuring a substantial collection of marinades, rubs and other delicious condiments for this summer season. One we haven’t heard the end of goes by the curious name of Nunya Sauce, a spicy miso-mayo made by the guys at Marination Mobile. No wonder these guys were voted America’s Best Food Truck on ABC’s Good Morning America! “Nunya is like the Swiss Army Knife of a man’s kitchen,” explains co-owner Kamala Saxton. “It’s the spicy, creamy, finger-licking condiment for every culinary situation packed into one small jar. All those other condiments are just taking up valuable beer real estate anyway.” Readers can purchase through DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine by calling 800-873-6685.


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