How to Be the Ultimate Gentleman: Soho Sushi, NCAA & Caramel Whiskey

By Vanessa Butler

<p>Boozy Sushi in Soho, NCAA art prints and XXX Shine Salted Caramel Whiskey are all things you need to be the ultimate gentleman. <br></p>

Whether you’re visiting the Big Apple for the weekend or you’re one of the thousands that call the city that never sleeps home, you really need to try the Boozy Sushi at Koi Restaurant in the Trump SoHo Hotel. While a name like “Captain Crunch Roll” may fool you, don’t think for a second you’ll be chomping down on a sugary treat. This California roll with tamago is not only topped with eel and tempura flake, it’s also drizzled heavy-handedly with a Captain Morgan-infused sauce. Although we came for the Captain Crunch Rolls, we became major fans (and probably regulars) of their seafood dumplings. So prolong your boozy brunch and make it a restaurant crawl to try out the city’s latest infusion!

We could try and think of some really inspirational analogies for why basketball plays and business plans are similar, but we’re just going to cut to the chase and admit that these prints are fantastic. We’re not usually ones for decorating our office space, but Prinstant Replay’s best NCAA tournament plays of all time are the perfect addition to anyone’s office, whether it overlooks the skyline or has you staring down the hall. Just be ready to know the history behind whatever play you get off the top of your head; we’re sure this piece will become the ultimate conversation-starter.

Known as Pennsylvania’s first craft distillery since Prohibition, Philadelphia Distilling has been creating some pretty popular liquor since 2005, most notably their flagship Dry American Bluecoat Gin, which has found fans all over the globe. Another one of their spirits to note is their XXX Shine Salted Caramel Whiskey, which is a full 80 proof. We personally took to sipping it thanks to its salty but sweet taste, but we understand that many wouldn’t like the edgy moonshine finish. Try their

Caramel Apple cocktail: all you need is one ounce XXX Shine Salted Caramel Whiskey, one ounce Berentzen Apple liqueur and one ounce cranberry juice.

Have you ever heard of a hand-carved pair of sunglasses? We hadn’t either. Hailing from Portland, Oregon (obviously), the boys over at Shwood Eyewear have been honing the manly skill of wood craftsmanship to produce some of the most original specs we’ve ever seen. Their latest pair, which fuses genuine slate with premium birch, had us pretty impressed. Who knew we would ever want a pair of sunglasses made out of rocks and wood? They’re only set to make about 200 per design, so preorder yours fast!

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence is the latest personality to jump on the subscription box bandwagon, and we don’t mind it one bit. We’ve talked about this new fad before in our Stuff We Want column: it’s essentially a way for subscribers to get a bunch of curated items for less than their retail value. If you’re a fan of cooking or are psyched for the barbeque season, subscribe to Florence’s Fancy Box Subscription, “Curated Culinary.”


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