How to: Carve a Turkey

By Staff

<p>Need a crash course on cutting that bird? We've got you covered.<br></p>

Earlier this week Taylor Seinturier taught you how to baste a turkey and now it’s time for the main event. If you need a last-minute crash course on carving your Thanksgiving turkey, you’ve come to the right place. We at Playboy believe we have a leg up on Martha Stewart’s plans; wouldn’t you agree? Not only is the lovely Natalia Barulich easy on the eyes, she can carve a bird like a pro.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Playboy!


STEP ONE  You’ll need a knife, a carving fork and a cutting board. Before you start, make sure your bird is breast side up with its legs facing away from you. Keep it steady with the carving fork.

STEP TWO Cutting as close to the leg as possible, pierce through the skin that connects the leg to the bird, exposing the leg’s second joint. Apply pressure at the joint and twist the knife until the drumstick is released. Repeat for the other side.

STEP THREE Slice the thigh meat from the bone, keeping your bird steady with your carving fork.

STEP FOUR Place the knife under the breast and slice from the top down alongside the ribcage.

Cut vertically through the breast meat to create medallion slices. Try to keep the skin intact on each slice.

STEP FIVE Once you’ve finished carving, dispose of the excess and arrange your turkey on the platter. Feel free do a victory dance.

Or not.

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