How To: How To Unhook a Bra with One Hand

By Staff

<p>Unhooking a bra is a snap with Dani Mathers and Annette White.</p>

Speaking from experience, girls don’t like it when you have to ask them how to take their bra off; it’s awkward. They also don’t like it when you rip their $220 Agent Provocateur Whitney Bra in the heat of the moment. To help you avoid these two things, we’ve decided to answer the question some of you are too embarrassed to ask: how do you take a bra off with one hand? Luckily, we’ve enlisted our sexiest girls to teach you the ropes, or in this case a labyrinth of clasps, which means it’s perfect for multiple viewings until you get the hang of it. Watch Dani Mathers and Annette White below and brush up on your skills with our easy steps.


Step 1: Slide your index finger between her back and the bra from the top down. Gently pull the strap away from her skin.

Step 2: Using your thumb and middle finger, squeeze the bra strap inward, folding it around your index finger. Remove your finger and pinch bra together as close to the clasps as possible. In a snapping motion, with thumb moving up and middle finger down, pull hooks from eyelets and release.


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