How-To Kiss

By Staff

<p><p>If a man’s kiss is his signature, Cybergirls Dani Mathers and Annette White have painted a masterpiece.  </p><br></p>


Why a how-to kiss video? A seemingly simple task, a kiss can make or break a moment. And while most men believe themselves to be the perfect kissers, many women are quick to disagree. We decided to get two stunning Cybergirls, Dani Mathers and Annette White, in the same room for a quick reminder on the finer points of a kiss.  Thank you, ladies.

Step One: The Tease

Place your hand on the back of her neck or by her jaw. Make eye contact and maintain it to build the tease.

Step Two: The Kiss

The ever-important first touch of the lips: if you want to make her work for it, the first moment should be a gentle tease. By slowing down the action, you’ll build the anticipation and show her that you’re in control.

But enough from us. Dani and Annette tell a better story. Check out their How to Kiss video for yourself.

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