How to Sabre a Champagne Bottle

By Staff

<p>Be the life of New Year's Eve with this cool party trick. </p>

Want to wow at this year’s New Year’s Eve festivities? Learn how to pop bottles like a pro with the age-old art of sabrage. Popping a bottle of champagne with a sword is said to date back to the French Revolution, when Napoleon’s cavalry would crack open champagne with their sabers after a battle. Napoleon was known to exclaim, “Champagne! In victory one deserves it; in defeat one needs it.” Although it may have its roots in a somewhat barbaric past, many people still consider sabrage an entertaining skill and it’s fairly easy to master.


1.  Hold your bottle by the base at a 30- to 45-degree angle, and point it away from your party guests! Hold the knife in your dominant hand. If you’re using a kitchen knife, remember to use the blunt side of the blade.

2.  Run your blade flat along the seam of the bottle in one swift motion, striking the neck ring with force. Be mindful of all your digits and various body parts. Be sure to let a bit of champagne fizz out of the bottle to remove any tiny glass fragments before pouring a glass!

3.  Bask in applause for your newfound sabrage skill, then catch at least some of that champagne in a glass!

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