Fall Fashion Preview: How To Tie A Bow Tie

By Playboy.com

<p>Dani Mathers teaches you how to perfect the bow tie in seven easy steps.<br></p>

We’ve covered what colors you should be wearing this season. We’ve touched on the burgundy trend. We had Alena Savostikova strip out of three piece suit and a few of our models flashing some body paint in the name of fashion. But now allow Playboy.com’s Fall Fashion Preview to get a little more instructional…

The bow tie. Oft comical, it is mainly avoided by men for two reasons: one is that it is oft-comical. Two, is that no one is quite sure how to tie a bow tie. Correcting the first concern is all a state of mind; the bow tie is only comical if you let it be. Wear it with confidence. The second issue…well…we’ll let Dani Mathers take it from here:


Tips for How To Tie a Bow Tie

1.  Drape the tie around your neck with one side and inch and half lower than the other.

2.  Cross the longer end of the bow tie over the shorter and tuck it up through the hole between the tie and your neck. Make sure it is comfortable; this is the last time you will be able to adjust for tightness.

3.  Bring the shorter end up to the knot and fold it to be shaped like a bow.

4.  Drop the longer end over the bow, letting it rest lengthwise.

5.  Fold the bow part in half over the lengthwise piece, bringing the lengthwise piece around and through the knot. (honestly, just watch the video guys…)

6.  Pull the folded edge of the lengthwise piece through the knot, a tighten the knot by pulling both folded ends carefully.

7.  Adjust for centering.

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