How To: Wax Skis

By Staff

<p>Let our ski bunnies teach you how to wax your skis.<br></p>

Winter is here, the time when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of hitting the slopes. You’re ready, but are your skis? This is the year you stop throwing your money away on getting them professionally waxed—it’s easy to do it yourself, so let our girls, stunning Cybergirl Taylor Seinturier and the amazing Natalia Barulich, show you how!



Ski waxPlastic scraperNylon bristle brushIron (DON’T use the same one you use on your clothes)

STEP 1Scrape off the old wax with a scraper.

STEP 2Set the iron just hot enough to melt the wax. If the wax smokes, the iron is too hot.

STEP 3Drip the wax onto the ski in a zigzag pattern.

STEP 4Iron the wax onto the ski.

STEP 5Let the ski cool, then scrape off excess wax.

STEP 6Brush the ski in long, smooth strokes until it shines.


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