How To: Wrap a Toga

By Staff

<p>Throwing a Delta House worthy bash? You'll need a toga for that. </p>

Toga! Toga! Toga!

It’s hard to believe that John Belushi’s debauched college film “Animal House” is thirty-five this year! We’re sure you won’t be able to match the party thrown by Delta House, but what better way to celebrate the anniversary by throwing your own toga party of epic proportions?

We’ve enlisted Cybergirls Yevgeniya Dirdiychuk and Shantal Monique to show you how to wrap the perfect toga for your big night. 

Keeping it on (if you look as good as them) is entirely optional.



Step 1: First find 1 to 3 yards of fabric, depending on how long you want your toga.

Step 2: Wrap the fabric around yourself and tie the two corners in a double knot on one of your shoulders.

Step 3: Take a safety pin and fasten it under your arm. Most people would add a few more pins along the open side to cover up, but we’ve got nothing to hide!

Step 4: Then take a piece of ribbon or belt and tie it around your waist for a belt.


Step 1: First, fold the fabric so it’s as long or short as you want.

Step 2: Take a corner and wrap it around the front and behind your back, bringing it over your left shoulder. Adjust where needed.

Step 3: Once your fabric is nice and snug, bring the other corner up over your front. Tie them in a square knot and tuck the ends underneath.

Step 4: Add a gold ribbon belt around your waist.

And there you have it! Two togas fit for any party.

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