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Hare Force One
  • August 19, 2013 : 15:08
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In-flight meal on Hugh Hefner's Private Jet

The in-flight meal—how does lobster and roast beef sound?

The bar on the Playboy jet

Liquor options included Jack Daniels Black Label, Old Bushmills and Tanqueray.

Hugh Hefner's bedroom on his private jet

Hef had his private quarters on the Big Bunny outfitted with an elliptical bed that could be accessed through his own gangway. It came complete with silk and Tasmanian opossum-fur covers.

Hugh Hefner working on his private jet

What of the mile high club, you ask? “The reality is that having sex above the clouds is exactly the same as having sex anywhere else,” Hef has offered. “It’s just a memory. A fond memory, however.”

Jet Bunnies & Hugh Hefner traveling

The Big Bunny was grounded in July 1975 when it was sold to Venezuela Airlines. It later served as a commercial airliner for Aeroméxico. The plane was retired from service in 2004.

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  • wayldog
    I have so many thoughts, but ,basically, Thank you Hef! To introducing us tothe most beautiful visuals in the world!