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Inked: The Tattoo Gallery
  • May 13, 2013 : 23:05
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Tattoos. Once reserved for and rocked only by badassery’s elite, they are now the bane of fathers with rebellious 13-year-old daughters everywhere. Through the years the tattoo has gone from taboo to the norm, a rite of passage tantamount to, say, one’s first drink or the fabled “first time.” They have become culturally acceptable, no longer leaving their bearers numbered among the hopelessly unemployable or pariahs of posh, private parties. Save perhaps marking your face for life with something as crazy as this, the inked among us can live in relative peace, free from judgment.

Even in these pages, pages known to be all for free loving, there was once a time when you would have been hard-pressed to find a girl with a dragon tattoo. But the times, they are indeed a-changin’, and now we’re proud to have among the many beautiful women who make up the expansive world of Playboy those rebellious tatted types.

We are, after all, purveyors of beauty in all its forms; if you’re going to create beautiful art, you might as well use the most beautiful canvases.

See the girls full profiles here: 1) Adriana Lynn. 2) Alie Craig. 3) Amber Alexandria. 4) Ashley Hobbs. 5) Ashley Lauren. 6) Ashley Zeitler. 7) Evelyn Garcia. 8) Jessie Ann. 9) Krystal Lyne. 10) Kyndra McGaw. 11) Michaela Nevizanska. 12) Paige Phillips. 13) Taylor Senturier. 14) Traci Denee

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