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Playboy's Insidious Haunted Mansion Party Sweepstakes
  • September 11, 2013 : 06:09
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Playboy's Insidious Haunted Mansion Party Sweepstakes - Hosted by Insidious: Chapter 2

Every Halloween, we open the doors of the Playboy Mansion to revelers on the prowl for a party so hot, it’s not just sexy—it’s scary sexy. This year Playboy and the terrifying sequel, Insidious: Chapter 2 are extending the invitation into the further, giving you the chance to win an exclusive trip to the Mansion with entry to the wildest party of the year. Don’t let fear stop you. ENTER NOW for your chance to win the experience of a lifetime…if you dare!

  • Entry to the annual Playboy Mansion Halloween Party

  • Round-trip airfare to Los Angeles

  • Two nights accomodations

Playboy's Insidious Haunted Mansion Sweepstakes is now closed. Thanks for entering!

We'll contact the winner soon.

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  • skull322. greydanus
    skull322. greydanus
    I need to see the movie with Mr. Hefner .... make sure u tell him Nathan remembers now
  • Mark O'Neill
    Mark O'Neill
    This is INSIDIOUS!!! Too Scary!
  • Mark O'Neill
    Mark O'Neill
    Ssshhhhhh! It's not this house that is haunted..... It's your son!
  • Mark O'Neill
    Mark O'Neill
    Wow! That's amazing Stephanie. Why don't you do that? Instead of spamming.
  • Mark O'Neill
    Mark O'Neill
    Looks like a scary film. Part of the family is possessed or haunted. Might as well see it on Friday the 13th....
  • Mick Sinders
    Mick Sinders
    is that Leanna Decker in the makeup there? She looks even more fresh and rumpy than usual. Slammin'........