Picture Perfect

By Playboy Staff

This iPhone accessory gives you a hand... back.

Taking photos, videos or texting on an iPhone is a two-hand job for all but the most dexterous mobile users. But now a company has invented a device that will allow you to take better pictures and videos with your iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 without having your greasy, stubby thumb get in the way (full disclosure: it was invented by a co-worker’s relative). The AirClip clips easily onto your iPhone, and with a simple slip of the fingers into the handles, you’re ready to take some finger-free photos or enjoy the latest viral video while leaving your other hand free for eating popcorn. Place it on a desk and it doubles as a stand that turns your phone into a mini-HDTV. AirClip is still raising funding to turn this handy invention into the next hula hoop, and if you pony up to the cause, you’ll reserve your gadget in time for the holidays.


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