Biker Babe at Playboy Radio

By Playboy Radio

Miss April 2011 Jaclyn Swedberg re-creates her magazine motorcycle pictorial for one lucky Playboy Radio listener.

When The Morning Show announced that it would have Miss April 2011 Jaclyn Swedberg come in and recreate her sexy pictorial by straddling a listener’s motorcycle, the emails and photo submissions started to pour in.

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Some reeked of desperation, as submissions included scooters, tricycles and golf carts. One listener even submitted a photo of his armored vehicle. And then there were those who followed instructions: send in a photo of your bike with a copy of the April issue of Playboy prominently featured.

And so on Thursday, the moment had finally arrived. Listeners came from all over California and as far west as Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The winner was Contestant No. 3, Brian, who rode 40 hours from Fort Bragg to Los Angeles, stopping only in El Paso, Texas to make it on time.

And get this: Brian built his own bike. It took him four months to make the thing. The crowning moment of the young bike’s life came when Miss April 2011 disrobed, wearing nothing but a string bikini and boots, straddled that monster  and posed for a photo shoot that will forever remain ingrained in Brian’s brain – and make that 40-hour trip home a real joy ride.

“For everything I went through building this motorcycle, this is an absolute dream for me,” Brian said.



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