Play-By-Playmate: Jaime Joins the Maxwell Football Club

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime joins the prestigious Maxwell Football Club and you can, too.

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The Maxwell Football Club recently reached out to me to talk about joining their club. My first question was, What is the Maxwell Football Club?

The Maxwell Football Club is the oldest football club in America and has been around since 1935. It annually hands out some of the biggest awards in college football, as well as at the NFL and high school level, including the Maxwell Award, which goes to the college football player of the year, and the Bednarik Award, which goes to the top defensive player in college football. The club is based in Philadelphia and it wasn’t until former NFL player Ron Jaworski became president over a year ago that the club decided to promote the membership model.

For as little as $35 a year, you can become a member of the club and vote for the awards.

“As a member of this club they’re joining probably one of the most prestigious organizations in the game but they also get to cast their vote on all these awards they’ve always followed,” Maxwell Football Club national marketing director Todd Armstrong told me. “They’ve known about it, but they never knew they could vote on the stuff.”

I was honestly surprised to learn that anyone can join this club, and was just as surprised to learn that it has only 1,000 or so members. I’m sure most people like myself just assumed there was a committee or a board that had decided who won these awards. I had no idea that it was up to the public.

Now, I grew up in the South, in the heart of SEC country, so I’m a big college football fan. But because I split my childhood in Georgia and Florida I tried to stay neutral when it came to rooting interests. I’d rather focus my attention on the fact that Florida-Georgia is “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” When I was in college at Florida Atlantic University I cheered for the Miami Dolphins, so I didn’t have the same experience as, say, a Florida, Miami or Georgia college student. But I love when people bleed their college colors and show so much passion. To this day, I don’t root for any particular team, but I was jealous I didn’t get to go to the Notre Dame-Michigan game over the weekend. I would have loved to be a part of that atmosphere.

Now, you might never get to vote on the top 25 rankings or decide the BCS pairings, but the Maxwell Football Club does give fans a chance to have their voices heard. Members get a chance to vote on 15 semifinalists for each award, then vote on the four finalists. Plus, you get an invite to the awards show. So if a player from your favorite team is up for an award, this is your chance to have a say. It’s hard to complain when you don’t do your part. I know I’ll do mine.

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