Jayde Nicole: How To Find And Keep Your Motivation

By Jayde Nicole

Welcome to Workout Wednesdays, the new Playboy.com fitness blog by Jayde Nicole.

Welcome to Workout Wednesdays, the new Playboy.com fitness blog by Jayde Nicole—personal trainer, fitness nutritionist, health nut, TV personality and, last but not least, Playboy’s 2008 Playmate of the Year. Check back each week for Jayde’s latest tips, and be sure to visit her all-new fitness website JaydeNicole.com.

Jayde took a time out from her fitness regime to have a little fun on New Year’s Eve. See all the photos in her latest gallery.

This Week: How To Find & Keep Your Motivation!

So, we are in week two of all of our new year’s resolutions. How are you doing? Finding yourself a little less motivated then you were during your hangover on New Year’s day? Motivation is what drives us toward our goals, gets us out of bed and into the gym in the morning, and pushes us when we think we can’t go any further.  But why is it that we can never hold on to it?

  1. Go Public!

You can always make excuses to yourself but try doing it with all your friends and family watching! Post your goals on your Facebook or Twitter or send out an email asking your network to support you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Saying it out loud will make your decision for change real and gaining the support of your peers is crucial. There have been countless studies that show people who share their goals with a partner and have the support of the people around them are much more likely to succeed. No one wants to look bad in front of their friends or let down their family. This will help you push through your plateaus and keep right on track!  So share your progress, your healthy meals and photos of your sexy new muscles!

  1. Start Small!

I am a huge fan of making “mini goals” and rewarding yourself for reaching them. They can be as easy as “I will drink 8 glasses of water today” or “I will take the stairs all day instead of the elevator.” Or as big as “I will run 5 miles today” or “I will do 100 push-ups.” At the end of each day when you have reached your goal, celebrate! Congratulate yourself and at the end of the week if you have reached all your mini goals, buy yourself a new pair of running shoes or something fitness related you’ve been wanting! If you give yourself little things to look forward to and you are constantly celebrating your achievements you will stay positive and motivated to keep going.

  1. Find your Inspiration!

My clients always ask me, “You’re always motivated, what is it that motivates you?” and I always tell them it is different for every person. What gets me off the couch, probably won’t work for you and vice versa. You need to take some time and really think about what in your life inspires you to get fit and healthy. Getting sexy for a hot new girlfriend, working on your heart health for you kids and family, a new job, a bigger house!? Whatever it may be, it has to be specific to your life and what you want out of it! Don’t be afraid to write these down, nothing is off limits or “dumb.” If it inspires you then it works!!

  1. Write it Down!

You know those moments when you just feel amazing? So full of energy, positivity and motivation? Well, the next time you have that feeling, write it all down! Put everything that you are feeling and thinking on a piece of paper.  Then post it where you will see it every day. This way you will never forget why you are making these life changes and how great they make you feel! On a cold or rainy day, it is easy to just make an excuse or be lazy. Reading over your own personal positive words will really help!

  1. My Personal Tricks!

Ok, so over the years I have come up with some of my own unique and somewhat embarrassing ways of getting over the laziness hump and kicking myself back into the gym. One is to put on a super tight pair of jeans, button them up, and head to a full length mirror. Then I turn sideways and touch my toes. It seems silly but no matter how fit I think I am the tight jeans toe touch test never lies!! Try this and I guarantee you will run straight to the gym!! I also like to keep photos that inspire me as my cellphone wallpaper. There is nothing I see more then the back drop on my cell. On average I think I click on it about 1000 times a day. I switch it up as soon as I get used to it so that it is always fresh and effective. Another great one is keeping photos of yourself at your best! Make yourself jealous of you! Last summer at the beach when you were looking super ripped? Post that right on your fridge and don’t ever forget it!

Feeling motivated!!? I know I am! Use these new tools to keep yourself on track with your New Years resolution all year long! No one said it was easy but if you’re determined, focused and more importantly, motivated, you can reach those goals and look better then you ever had!

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