Jayde Nicole: How to Make It Through Thanksgiving

By Jayde Nicole

Jayde Nicole has some tips for keeping trim during turkey season in this week's Workout Wednesday

Everyone seems to associate this holiday with eating so much food they no longer fit into their skinny jeans, or any jeans for that matter! I’m here to save you and keep you on track through this holiday without blowing your diet!

1: Fill Up Before The Get Together!

The last thing you want to do is head into your thanksgiving festivities on an empty stomach. The morning of your holiday meal make sure you start off with a big breakfast high in fiber and lean protein, like oatmeal with your Fat Free JNF Protein or egg whites with veggies and whole grain toast. If you don’t start your day off right it puts your body into a nutrient deficit, which causes cravings all day long! Avoid this by having a healthy lunch as well. Now your body is satisfied and you are less likely to binge eat.

  1. Don’t Accept it…Rebel!

Most people just accept gaining weight as part of the holidays, like it is unavoidable. Before your holiday parties and dinners you need to get in the right mindset…be a rebel! Go against everyone and their overeating! Go against the feeling of being so full you can’t move! Make everyone jealous and fight the weight gain that usually comes with the holidays, it is avoidable!

  1. Drink Lots of Water

I know, you hear this one all the time but that’s because it really works! It so simple that it is often over looked. Drinking a large glass of water right before a big meal can cut your food consumption in half! In addition keeping yourself hydrated can help you avoid the feeling of “fake hunger” when you are actually just thirsty. Sticking to water throughout the night instead of indulging in spiked apple cider (350+ calories) or hot chocolate with baileys (400+ calories) will also save you from drinking excess calories. So make friends with water and drink up!

  1. Eat Slowly

This is something that has helped me my entire life. I am naturally a slow eater and therefore I always eat less. When you inhale your meal in 5 minutes your body has not had time to take in the nutrients or realize how much food is about to hit its stomach. Your brain hasn’t had time to send the signal telling you that you’re full. In fact you still feel hungry, so you go up and grab a second plate. By the time you are done, your first plate of food kicks in and you are full. About 5-10 minutes later you will feel like you are about to explode! Recognize that feeling? Eating slowly and enjoying each bite of food will allow your body time to let you know when it has truly had enough so you don’t over eat and consume all those unnecessary calories.

  1. Say NO to Appetizers!

When you first arrive at your holiday get-together there is bound to be snacks out everywhere you look. Chips and dip, plates of cookies, cheese trays…avoid all of these!! Most people don’t realize how much they are eating when it’s a little bit here, a nibble there, 2 hours later you have put an extra 1000 calories into your body before the meal even begins! My rule is no appetizers or snacks prior, this way I go in with a game plan and stick to it!

  1. Make Easy Substitutions!

With all of this in mind, you still want to enjoy your dinner. I am not implying you should sit in the corner with a small salad and avoid all the foods that make thanksgiving so great! Substitution and moderation is the key, here are some ways to cut calories from our fav holiday foods.

*Turkey- Stick to the skinless white meat and keep the portion to the size of your palm.

*Whole Egg- While baking or preparing meals replace with two egg whites.

*Sour Cream- The non-fat version of this yummy potato topper is just as good.

*Ice Cream- Try non-fat frozen yogurt, you would be surprised how similar it tastes.

*Butter- I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light works on everything.

*Milk- Stick to skim milk instead of the heavy 2%.

*Mashed Potatoes- Use flavors like garlic or rosemary instead of salt and butter.

*Veggie Sides- Steam, don’t load with oil and fill up on these healthy bites!

*Dessert- Keep your portion down and sub out your pecan pie (550+ calories a slice) for an apple crisp at 250 calories or pumpkin pie at 280.

Study all these strategies, portion sizes and substitutions and walk into that party with a game plan! You do not have to gain weight during the holidays, instead take the opportunity to show your friends and family just how good you look and how on track you are! Happy Holidays!

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