Jayde Nicole: How to Plan for a Holiday Detox

By Jayde Nicole

Healthy lifestyles tend to take a hit over the holidays. But Jayde Nicole has the answer with a well-timed cleanse.

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This Week: How To Plan For A Holiday Detox

Cleansing seems to be the new black these days. Everyone is trying the juice cleanse, the Hollywood 48-hour diet and hundreds of others. As the owner of a cleansing system myself, I get asked tons of questions. “Can I eat on a cleanse?” “Do you have to cut out all sugar?” “Can I still drink alcohol?” People seem to be very confused and misled about what cleanses are for and how you take them. Let’s start by looking at:

Why you cleanse

-Do you constantly feel bloated? This may be because you have a buildup of “junk” in your intestinal tract, giving you a puffed out lower stomach or a small beer belly if you will. A simple 7-14 day colon cleanse will do the trick for this.

-You want to lose weight. A cleanse is a great place to start. Not only are you shedding all that buildup in your lower abdomen but you are also detoxing your liver and other organs that assist in burning calories and fat everyday. The healthier your organs are, the harder they are working for you.

-Are you feeling tired or sluggish? A buildup of toxins can cause fatigue, dull skin and hair, and a lack of energy among other things. Get yourself clean and healthy by doing a full body metal or toxin cleanse. You won’t believe the difference in your energy levels.

-You partied a little too much over the holiday season. As acceptable as it has become, alcohol is still a poison/toxin and does damage to our livers and body. Yes I know boys, it’s hard to believe beer is bad for you. Help repair and clean out those organs by cutting the booze, upping your water intake and committing to a 14 day cleanse.

How you cleanse:

I am a firm believer that starvation or deprivation is never ok. So all of those detox or juice-only cleanses are not good in my book. If your cleanse says you can only eat cabbage soup and drink water for two weeks it’s not really helping you. Yes you will probably shed some pounds because of your low caloric intake, but it won’t stick or get rid of build up or toxins. This also goes for the one shake a day and juice diets. Your body needs whole foods, protein and nutrients; depriving it is doing you more harm than good.

The type of cleanse I promote is taken with a healthy diet in a supplement form, usually one when you wake up and one before bed. They are easy to take and don’t require you to change your whole life around. You continue eating a normal healthy diet and keep your body nourished and happy.

What you should not do on a cleanse:

The point of cleansing is to rid your body of toxins right? So, it’s understandable that for the two weeks you are on your cleanse you try to avoid consuming any type of toxins. This means keeping your processed foods at bay, no alcohol, no drugs (this should be all of the time!), and no smoking! Now this doesn’t mean if you have a glass of wine while on a cleanse it will ruin the whole process, but you should try your best to avoid it to achieve the best results.

My favorite cleanse:

I have probably tried over 20 different types of cleanses, promising a wide variety of outcomes. Some worked, some didn’t, and some had terrible side effects! So I made it my goal to create a cleanse that was easy to take, that didn’t interrupt my lifestyle, came with no negative side effects, and that was super effective! Oh and did I mention I wanted it to be all natural? Well after lots of trials and testing, we did it! The JNF Secret Weapon Cleanse was born. I have done three cycles of it since we launched and we have sold thousands of systems with only positive feedback. The Secret Weapon Cleanse is available exclusively at http://JaydeNicole.com/store

So let’s get you slimmed down, clean and healthy!

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