Jayde Nicole: How To Prevent Winter Weight Gain!

By Jayde Nicole

Put on a little pot belly over the holidays? Jayde has some tips on how to get that to go away.

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This Week: How To Avoid Winter Weight Gain

With winter comes all of the big “food” holidays. Starting with thanksgiving and moving on to Christmas dinners, New Years Eve parties and ending with Valentine’s Day chocolate indulgences. Add on the chilling weather, snowstorms, and early darkness and you have a recipe for diet disaster! But it is possible to make it through the winter and NOT gain weight!! Start 2012 off right and stick to your healthy lifestyle with these easy tips!

  1. Come up with a game plan!

Be prepared! Winter comes every year. It’s no surprise. So you already know what your weaknesses are. If you know where your diet takes a left turn each year and your gym visits turn into drinking sessions with the boys then you can plan ahead so you know how to avoid them! Writing down your game plan helps too!

  1. Make a bet!

You have a little competitiveness in you right? All guys do. So make a bet with one of your buddies to see who can hit the gym the most, lose the most weight, or build the most muscle! Make specific guidelines, put them on paper and make a bet you REALLY don’t want to lose. Something that will motivate you on that freezing cold winter day to get off your couch and hit the gym!

  1. Make friends with vitamin D!

A big problem with winter is there is less beautiful sunshine! Once 5pm hits and you get off work, its all ready pitch black outside! Depressing right? That feeling is actually a chemical reaction to a deficiency in vitamin D! So make sure you stock up on a vitamin D3 supplement and mix in some food that contains the important vitamin. Try some shitake mushrooms, salmon, eggs, and tuna. Instead of having your lunch delivered to the office, take a walk outside in the sunshine to pick it up. You get in little sun time and some cardio too!

  1. Switch to tea!

It seems like such a small thing, but it adds up! Everyone wants to have a warm drink on a cold winter day. So we reach for that hot chocolate or gingerbread latte because they are comforting. The truth is they are about 250-350 calories for a small cup! That adds up if you are grabbing one everyday on your way to work. Switching to a nice zero calorie cup of green tea not only adds health benefits but it could save you up to 24,000 calories over the winter! That is almost seven pounds of fat!! Can you believe it? Make the switch today.

  1. Turn that snow into a workout!

Don’t let snow get in the way of your workouts. In fact, let it help you. Get out there and shovel your driveway. One hour of shoveling can burn up to 450 calories! So multi-task and be a good son, boyfriend, or neighbor. They will think you are doing them a favor, but you’re actually getting in an amazing full body workout! Playing in the snow, building snowman, and making snow angels also gets your heart pumping. So head outdoors and show the snow who is boss!

  1. Get your self some free weights!

Everyone loves to blame the bad weather and traffic for why they skipped the gym all week. So why not build your self a mini-gym right in your house? There are hundreds of exercises you can do with simple dumbbells. They are inexpensive and easy to store. So be prepared for those snow days and workout at home.

Don’t let winter get you down. Instead, use it as time to focus on your new years resolutions of getting and staying healthy in 2012. Vacations and spring break parties are just around the corner, so stay on track and work on those washboard abs!

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