Jenny McCarthy Playboy Radio Interview

By Staff

Playmate Jenny McCarthy chats with Playboy Radio about her new TV show Love in the Wild, and her upcoming nude pictorial in Playboy Magazine.

Since her debut in Playboy Magazine almost 20 years ago as Miss October 1993, Playmate Jenny McCarthy has risen in the ranks as one of the most popular celebrities to make a sexy impression upon our readers. A star on shows such as MTV’s Singled Out and NBC’s Jenny, and with appearances on the big screen including Scream 3 and Scary Movie 3, McCarthy helped lead the way for Playmates in the mainstream media.

Early next month, McCarthy makes her highly anticipated return to Playboy Magazine in the July/August double issue, where once again you can see this sexy vixen bare it all, coinciding with her new primetime hosting duties on NBC’s dating series Love in the Wild. Miss Jenny McCarthy sat down with Playboy Radio for an interview about her hot new show, getting frisky on set and her sexy new pictorial, on sale July 3rd.

Playboy Radio: Hi, Jenny!

Jenny McCarthy:: Hi, kids!

PBR: How are you?

MCCARTHY: I’m good, how are you?

PBR: Good, thanks for joining us.

MCCARTHY: My pleasure!

PBR: We heard you had to wake up early just to squeeze us in today; you have a busy day of talking to people.

MCCARTHY: Yeah, I’m surprised you can hear my voice.

PBR: Yeah, sounds hot. Sounds sexy!

MCCARTHY: I sound like a smoker, but I’m not.

PBR: That’s good, that’s good. Don’t you realize that when you get sick, when you start to lose your voice, that in the bedroom you sound even hotter?

MCCARTHY: Um…is that true?

PBR: Girl, you’re sounding very hot right now. Yeah, listen to yourself!

MCCARTHY: Mmm, what do you want me to say then?

PBR: Oh, Andrea, give her something. Mmm, well, what does it sound like when you naturally talk dirty, Jenny?


PBR & MCCARTHY: [laughter]

PBR: I don’t wanna feed you lines.

MCCARTHY: Yeah, you’re right, it’s not too good.

PBR: I had a friend who worked on this show, Jenny, that you did: Love in the Wild on NBC coming on Tuesdays.

MCCARTHY: Tuesdays, uh-huh! Tonight’s the premiere!

PBR:  Big premiere tonight, and they claim, dunno if it’s true or not, but they said that you were very nice to everyone, that you weren’t a bitch. But they also claimed that at the end of the show you, um, you got a little frisky.

MCCARTHY: Wow! You must really know people!

PBR: What do you mean, frisky?! Well, like a key grip. The guy didn’t have an important job on the show, but he was doing something there and he was like, “I think Jenny started making out with someone!”

MCCARTHY: [laughs] Well, you know, I was there for a month watching people hook up, make out, get it on. And I’m standing there thinking, “Oh my god, you know, I’m still single and horny myself, people!” So by the time the wrap party came, I had a few drinks and I was like [exaggerated drunk-ass make-out sound] making out with the crew.

PBR: Were you able to pleasure yourself at all? Because, even though they’re not filming you 24 hours a day, you’re in a hot remote location, and you’re just bamboo-ing yourself?

MCCARTHY: No! Not at all!

PBR: What?! You couldn’t pleasure yourself the whole time you were there filming?

MCCARTHY: I couldn’t because we were out there shooting at least 14-hour days, and the mosquitos were out of control. I’d wake up with at least 17 new [bites] every time.

PBR: Holy shit. So you’re telling me you went an entire month without any sort of orgasm?

JM: That’s right! So that’s why at the wrap party I was like, all over everybody.

PBR: You know, that sounds like pure misery. I don’t think I could have gone a month. They should have done a spin-off show immediately following where they put you on an island with like 70 guys.

JM: I said, “You should have done a behind-the-scenes.“ The shhhhit that went on behind the scenes, let me tell you.

PBR & MCCARTHY: [laughter].

PBR: From what I’ve seen of this show so far, I think it’s going to be great because you’ve found a way to take women with huge breasts and put them on horses and in bikinis, and there seems to be a lot of bouncing going on, and there’s one woman whose breasts were so large…it had to have been distracting even for you!

MCCARTHY: I did make reference to them. And I incorporated them into the show as new characters! And…it worked! I had so much fun, because I got to kinda make fun of the kids, but they all took it in, you know…no one got really mad at me, thank god. But I did mess with a lot of people.

PBR: Well yeah, you have such a good sense of humor about things, I don’t think anyone could really get mad at you, you know? You say everything with such a big smile on your face.

MCCARTHY: I know! And there was drama that happened. I forgot I was the host sometimes and I’m standing in the middle of it going, “OH MY GOD, no way!” And I’m like, “Oh my god, I need to keep it cool.” Because the guys were actually a lot cattier than the girls!

PBR: Really? Huh!

MCCARTHY: Oh yeah…they wanted to basically mark their territory and pee on their women.

PBR: I gotcha. Yeah but that’s normal where you were! Where were you, the Dominican Republic?

MCCARTHY: The Dominican Republic, yeah, but our cast is from all over the country, and I’m happy to say that they did a great job getting really sweet girls along with really great psychos. And hot men! There’s a few hotties!

PBR: Do the guys ever do that thing where they think the cameras aren’t rolling and they hit on you? They’re like “Listen, I know you’re the host, you’re probably not allowed to hook up, but Jenny, I know you’re looking at me…” and that whole thing. Did they hit on you at all?

MCCARTHY: The funny thing is, and I haven’t said this in an interview, but they put a gag order on them when I was near them and not on camera. So when we were waiting to do something, I couldn’t be like, “So, what’s going on, Ben?” and vice versa! They were put on gag orders so they couldn’t speak to me.

PBR: That’s crazy! Oh, they were not allowed to talk to you at all?!


PBR: Oh god! That would be misery right there, just having someone so beautiful like Jenny right there, but not even being able to talk to her.

MCCARTHY: The funny part is, because I knew they were on gag order, I would walk over and completely ask them questions and kept messing with them trying to get them to talk.

PBR:  And what happened? If they talked to you, they’d immediately get thrown on a boat and sent out of there?

MCCARTHY: They’d get in big trouble! And I’d be like, “Who did it? You did it, didn’t you? You had sex last night!” But they were sitting there and couldn’t say anything.

PBR: Have you seen some stuff that isn’t going to make it onto NBC because it’s too good for TV? Too racy?

MCCARTHY: Of course!

PBR: You’ve got these night vision cameras, and people are fucking in the woods and everything.

MCCARTHY: Yeah, that happened.

PBR: Oh yeah?

MCCARTHY: But it won’t air. But I had to, in the Cup of Choice Ceremony, which is like our tribal council, I had to get it out of them that they DID do it, because they can’t show it. So I would basically waterboard them for an hour until the girl was like, “Okay, Jenny, fine! We did!” And then the guy would dump her, which is awful.

PBR: Did any of the women end up getting with each other?

MCCARTHY: No! They didn’t!

PBR: What kind of love in the wild is this?

MCCARTHY: I know! You would think, at least, if someone’s not working out, switch teams.

PBR: Yeah, at least a finger. What the hell, at least one. Hey, I was looking at some of your sneak Playboy pictures and we’re very excited about this. I am so proud of you, girl.People are excited!


PBR: The last time we chatted with you I know it was like, “Do you think you’ll do it again?” and you were like, “Never gonna say never.” You were considering it! This and that, and here you go, this is gonna be a big thing! The pictures have not been leaked yet…

MCCARTHY: I’m surprised that they haven’t been leaked yet. I mean, I don’t even have them, so…

PBR: Well, I’m waiting for the price, but I plan on leaking them at some point.

PBR & MCCARTHY: [laughter]

PBR: But you look fantastic! And I gotta say, without ruining the surprise, if you love Jenny with a huge bush, there’s gonna be a surprise for you.

MCCARTHY: It’s back! Yes, it is back. It’s groomed, but it’s back.

PBR: Yeah, I think people would have been confused, like, “Uh, whose vagina is this on Jenny?”

MCCARTHY: That’s right! Thank you!

PBR: You wanted to give them a little bit of familiarity.

MCCARTHY: See, you know me too well, my friend.

PBR: Well, I’ve seen these pictures. I mean, goddamn!

MCCARTHY: That’s like 1993 roadkill, buddy.

PBR: No, he loves it. It’s so good. I love that bush. It’s the only bush Kevin likes. Yeah. I had three pubes that wouldn’t laser off, and Kevin gave me a hard time. But he’ll just talk about yours all day. All day.

MCCARTHY: Oh my god, that’s so funny.

PBR: I like Jenny’s bush and, uh, George W.  That’s not true, I don’t like George W. I just like Jenny’s bush. The show is tonight, it’s the premiere. I want everyone to watch it because, in addition to the fact that you get to see Jenny, and she looks pretty good in white pants…  and that skintight shirt, you also get to see a bunch of other good-looking women—not as good-looking as Jenny—but they’re running around and, what are the size of those women’s titties? What are they, E-cup? Double E-cup? They’re huge!

MCCARTHY: The one? God, she’s gotta be double F.

PBR: When you get back from doing this, a month with no orgasm, no masturbation, you make out a little bit at the end, but when you get home, instantly do you take care of yourself?

MCCARTHY: Of course I do!

PBR: First thing when you walk through the door?

MCCARTHY: Probably five minutes later.

PBR: Really? Well, you have to settle down for a second. In the shower, or…?

MCCARTHY: No! Who does that? That’s weird!

PBR: That’s what I’d do.

MCCARTHY: Well, that’s because you have a penis.

PBR: That’s right. That’s the only time I shower, when I pleasure myself. Jenny, you’re hot and you know it. And I think it’s great that you’re back on TV and I think everyone will love this show. I’m glad she’s back in Playboy! Yeah, and when this Playboy comes out officially, I’m sure you’ll be in L.A. Please come over so we can all hang out, all right?

MCCARTHY: I am. I’m gonna be on that little tour. So watch Love in the Wild tonight, guys! Thank you so much!

PBR: For sure! All right, check it out, it’s on NBC tonight, it’s the big premiere of Love in the Wild, and that’s Jenny McCarthy:, Playboy’s newest superstar, again. She makes her return to the pages of Playboy. Yay!

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