Jesse Ventura Playboy Radio Interview Preview

By Playboy Radio

<p>The latest Jesse Ventura Playboy interview hits the airwaves tomorrow, but we've got the preview today. <br></p>

Former Governor Jesse Ventura has never been one to hold a politically correct opinion, and the flack he got from his first Playboy Interview proved just how powerful his words could be. After publication, Reform Party Chairman Russ Verney urged Ventura to leave the Minnesota Reform Party for his remarks in the interview, though Ventura dismissed the attempt as a way to “gain their stranglehold control of the party again.”

Playboy Radio sat down with the strong-minded politician to discuss the hot-button topics we’re facing as a country today. 


I feel like a prophet because I’ve been warning everybody over the last decade of what the results of this is all going to be, and it’s coming true. It’s pathetic, the fact that they would shut down our government over a political issue, and that means that they’re doing exactly what I accused them [of]. 

They’re putting their parties ahead of the country and they’re putting their money donors ahead of their country. Until we stop, the people need to realize that you’re not going to change the country by simply voting from a Republican to a Democrat or from a Democrat back to a Republican. The only way to change the country is to abolish these political parties and get rid of them.


I would’ve preferred more gays. I was single in the military, when we went overseas that would’ve meant more pickings for me! The more gays there were, there would be less competition once you got to Olongapo in the Philippines when you took breaks from all the other fun things you did.

The full Playboy Radio interview with Jesse Ventura will be broadcast on on Tuesday, October 29, 2013, at 10 A.M. PST and will be released later the same day on iTunes for download.


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