Jo Garcia: Retro Games T-Shirt Gallery

By Jo Garcia

Jo's all dressed up in her favorite retro video games.

Last week in honor of reaching 20k Twitter followers on my @GamerNextDoor account, I released a brand new exclusive wallpaper. This week, let’s keep the fun going with some photos of my personally customized retro gaming t-shirt collection. With the help of some scissors, these shirts fit me so much better. Don’t you think?

Nothing was more fun than playing dress up in some of my favorite classic gaming tees. I got to have fun, be a complete dork and try to be little sexy, and that made for an awesome day of shooting. It was fun to walk down memory lane and pick some classics that meant something to me. When Zelda first came out, I was still trick-or-treating and I dressed up as Link. My friends dressed up as other characters from the game. No one knew who we were. Everyone thought I was Peter Pan, but I wouldn’t leave without explaining exactly who I was. Screw candy—to me, the cool houses were nerd houses where they actually knew that I was Hyrule’s savior and not some fairy tale kid. No offense to Peter Pan.

I took a lot of heat for giving Scott Pilgrim vs. The World a “Jo” in my end-of-year awards last year, but I stand by my decision. That was a terrific graphic novel and movie that both celebrated classic gaming and the life a lot of gamers lead. It really spoke to me and so I wanted to drop my own sex bob-omb on it.

Pac Man is something I play a lot of at my friend’s car shop. He has an old tabletop arcade version of the game that is inexplicably in the office. People come into the garage to get their cars fixed and probably wonder who is the girl monopolizing the Pac Man table for hours.

“All girls love their rings.” That’s what they said in my college dorm to explain why I was so good at Sonic games. The truth was that when I was little the only game the boys would let me play with them were the Sonic games. I played a lot of games on my own, but I mastered the Sonic games because I had to be better than the boys. To this day, you can’t collect more rings than I can. From Death Egg Zone, Emerald Hill Zone on over to Aquatic Ruin Zone I am going to end up running circles around you.

I snuck a Domo-kun in because I love them and I’ve enjoyed a few of the DSi games. Donkey Kong is the original princess kidnapper and definitely deserves some time with this princess. Ha!

As for the Power Glove? Who didn’t have a love-hate relationship with that thing. It couldn’t have been a cooler idea. My biggest beef back in the day was that it didn’t fit. The Power Glove we had was my dad’s and my arms and wrists were too small. It was just too big. Well guess who grew up? Seems to fit all right now, wouldn’t you say?

Photos: Jared Ryder Illustrations: Nigel Dennis Producer: Ben Garbe

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