Jo Garcia Looks into the Best Nyko Gaming Accessories

By Jo Garcia

Jo Garcia looks into the best Nyko accessories for her PlayStation

Gamer Next Door, Jo Garcia, speaks with Nyko Technologies’ Director of Marketing, Chris Arbogast, about the hot new accessories the company unveiled at CES 2012. Featuring cool new add-ons such as customizable grips with built-in batteries, or remote controlled speaker docks: these tech tools are definitely worth picking up.

 1)      Power Grip for Kindle Fire

POWER: Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion

LIFE: Doubles the Kindle’s battery life

FEATURES: Kick stand built-in for easy viewing & relocates power button to avoid accidental power down

2)      Speaker Stand for PlayStation Vita

POWER: Charging dock based

SOUND: Built-in speakers for deeper acoustics and amplification.

FEATURE: Remote control for easy usage

COST: $30, Look up a retailer here


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