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Jo Garcia Looks into the Best Nyko Gaming Accessories
  • January 22, 2012 : 20:01
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Gamer Next Door, Jo Garcia, speaks with Nyko Technologies’ Director of Marketing, Chris Arbogast, about the hot new accessories the company unveiled at CES 2012. Featuring cool new add-ons such as customizable grips with built-in batteries, or remote controlled speaker docks: these tech tools are definitely worth picking up.

 1)      Power Grip for Kindle Fire

POWER: Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion

LIFE: Doubles the Kindle’s battery life

FEATURES: Kick stand built-in for easy viewing & relocates power button to avoid accidental power down

2)      Speaker Stand for PlayStation Vita

POWER: Charging dock based

SOUND: Built-in speakers for deeper acoustics and amplification.

FEATURE: Remote control for easy usage

COST: $30, Look up a retailer here

Jo Garcia

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