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Jo Garcia talks to Nvidia GeForce
  • September 05, 2012 : 12:09
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Why is everyone so surprised by how hardcore our Gamer Next Door is? Of course Jo Garcia knows everything and anything about gaming; she lives and breathes video games! While Jo was wandering the floor at Penny Arcade Expo 2012 in Seattle, one of the guys from NVIDIA GeForce caught up with Jo to chat about how amazing her advanced copy of Resident Evil 6 is, the best costumes on the Penny Arcade floor and what Jo has planned for the release of Borderlands 2. We wonder what Jo is going to play with her new GeForce video card. We hear that they’re pretty incredible!

Check them out on Twitter @NVIDIAGeForce

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  • Anonymous
    dang, i wish she would dress up in an outfit for a game she is playing most of the girls in video games dress really hot
  • Anonymous
    i can see her as lara croft