Kama Sutra Sundays: The Showgirl

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>The Kama Sutra's Guide to Kissing.</p>

We’re going to forgo are usual exchange this week and instead speak straight from the horse’s mouth. We could honestly not think of a way to dress this up so that it read any more foolish than it already does. It is, in a word, outlandish. And so, we give to you, the Kama Sutra’s thoughts on kissing: 

“As regards to kissing, a wager may be laid as to which will get hold of the lips of the other first. If the woman loses, she should pretend to cry, should keep her lover off by shaking her hands, and turn away from him and dispute with him saying, ‘let another wager be laid’. If she loses this a second time, she should appear doubly distressed, and when her lover is off his guard or asleep, she should get hold of his lower lip, and hold it in her teeth, so that it should not slip away, and then she should laugh, make a loud noise, deride him, dance about, and say whatever she likes in a joking way, moving her eyebrows and rolling her eyes. Such are the wagers and quarrels as far as kissing is concerned, but the same may be applied with regard to the pressing or scratching with the nails and fingers, biting and striking. All these however are only peculiar to men and women of intense passion.”



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