Kama Sutra Sundays: Wall Mount

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>In the finale of Kama Sutra Sundays we impart the ultimate advice. </p>

There is perhaps no greater truth than the following, the last bit of advice we will leave you with as we wrap up our Kama Sutra Sunday series:

“Men who are well acquainted with the art of love are well aware how often one woman differs from another in her sighs and sounds during the time of congress. Some women like to be talked to in the most loving way, others in the most lustful way, others in the most abusive way, and so on. Some women enjoy themselves with closed eyes in silence, others make a great noise over it, and some almost faint away. The great art is to ascertain what gives them the greatest pleasure, and what specialties they like best.”

All women are indeed different and no one-size-fits-all solution is appropriate or effective. The best advice is to always gauge the girl and the situation; if something doesn’t seem to be working, try something else. That applies to all facets: sex, pickups, arguments. There is no better piece of advice when it comes to women than that.



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