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Katherine Heigl Bares Her Bra
  • August 01, 2011 : 19:08
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Katherine Heigl may have only appeared nude in two films, but she seems to have a sexy habit of stripping down to her bra and undies in many of her roles. She’s notoriously known for being a prima donna on set, but we can look beyond that after catching a glimpse of her near-perfect body in one of the many roles she has played. Here are three of our favorite clips of Katherine flaunting her incredibly sexy figure for the world to see.

Side Effects

Side Effects may not have broken the box office (we can’t even recall it playing in theatres), but there is one scene that we fouind online that makes us think we need to check the film out on Netflix. Katherine strips down to the bare essentials and prances around the room, teasing us with a striptease that sadly ends a little too soon.

Grey’s Anatomy

Katherine is probably most best known for her role on the hit television series Grey’s Anatomy, where she starred as the loveable and fierce Izzie Stevens. There was a lot of sex that went on at Seattle Grace Hospital, but this clip of Izzie taking her clothes off is not because she’s about to score, but because she’s trying to prove a point about how she utilized her body to get her through med school debt free.

100 Girls

This sexy scene was a part of the super- cheesy teen flick 100 Girls that came out in 2000. Basically, the lead character Matthew has the daunting task of finding his one true love, the dream girl he met in an elevator during a blackout in an all- girl’s dorm in college. Matthew attempts to beat Katherine Heigl by cheating in a game of strip Foosball but unfortunately gets a little more than he bargaineds for after she finds out he’s cheating.

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  • Anonymous
    "She’s notoriously known for being a prima donna on set" - that is just not even close to being true. Very unfair. Find one person who said she was difficult to work with. You wont. Dont confuse that with her having an opinion and voicing it.
  • Anonymous
    Wow, I'd like to have her intimidate me...