Get Your Derby Drinks Ready

By Kim Kardashian

Derby Day is approaching. Make an impression with a proper mint julep.

Mint. Bourbon. Sugar. Water. A mint julep comes down to four simple ingredients. Yet every year around Kentucky Derby, we see too many men settling for pale imitations of the real thing, made out of some store-bought pre-mix and served in a plastic cup. Or even worse, they’re handing beautifully dressed women in exotic hats said plastic cup. Don’t be that guy when you host a Derby party, either at Churchill Downs, your local track or your bachelor pad.

You’ll need: 3 oz. Bourbon whiskey 4 to 6 sprigs mint leaves Granulated sugar, to taste Crushed or shaved ice, to taste

Put the mint and sugar into the bottom of a tall glass or julep glass. Muddle the mint and let sit for a minute to release the flavor. Add the ice and bourbon and mix well to cool the drink. No matter where your horse runs on Derby day, you’ll look like a winner.


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