Late Night Foodie: Models, Pizza and Rock 'n Roll

By Staff

From the delicious to just plain weird, the Late Night Foodie brings us the round up of what’s going on in the world of food.

This week is all about extremes. Extremely strange Japanese commercials, extremely sad news about hamburger meat, extremely hot pizza slices and extremely wicked restaurants. From the delicious to just plain weird, the Late Night Foodie brings us the round up of what’s going on in the world of food.

Suds ‘N Grub:

If you’re a fan of Kiss, the only thing that wasn’t on the market with Gene Simmons’ stamp of approval thus far, was a place to get some grub. Members of The KISS army will be happy to hear that The Demon himself is set to launch a new restaurant venture called Rock & Brews. Also on the roster of owners is Dave Furano, veteran rock promoter, and Michael Zislis, a key player in the LA food scene. Rock & Brews is designed to look like a rock ‘n roller’s wet dream, with band memorabilia and flat screen TV’s playing iconic live performances as the backdrop to artisan beers and burgers. The only thing patrons will crave upon leaving is a copy of Shannon Tweed’s Playmate of the Year issue.

Burger Radar:

Courtesy of: Flickr

It’s common knowledge that red meat is high in saturated fat and connected to cancer and disease, but one recent study has shown that adding a mere three ounce serving of processed red meat will increase your risk of premature death by 20%. Say it ain’t so! Analyzing two studies that surveyed over 120,000 American’s over the past 28 years, Harvard School of Public Health researchers concluded that 10% of the premature deaths could have been prevented by consuming less than half a serving of red meat per day.


If the name Miranda Kerr doesn’t ring a bell, then you should be paying more attention to the Victoria Secret catalogue. Known as much for her cute dimples as incredible body,  Kerr has joined the ranks of A-list celebs that have gone to Japan to star in commercials they wouldn’t dare in America. “It’s lemony, isn’t it,” she sings of Lipton’s Limone (lemon) ice tea in Japanese. “Delicious!” We may not understand what is going on in this commercial, but her short skirt  is nothing to shake your head at.

Food Dare:

New Zealand pizzeria chain Hell Pizza has come up with a literal food dare for its patrons by putting a dose of spicy liquid peppers into one slice of their pizzas at no extra cost. To put it into perspective, the liquid is roughly 1,000 times stronger than the average jalapeno pepper. Lovingly nicknamed ‘Pizza Roulette’ by brave regulars, this promotion will surely be enjoyed by many hot headed jocks that are ready to settle who can handle the heat.


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