Laugh Tracks: Comedians Dana Gould & Danielle Koenig

By Staff

<p><i>The Simpsons</i> alum Dana Gould talks to funny lady Danielle Koenig about Playboy TV & <i>Foursome: Walk of Shame's</i> hilarious debacles.<br></p>

Foursome is Playboy’s answer to reality television. The deal: you start with a swank house, you fill it with booze, sex toys and a ragtag medley of folks (four of them, two of either gender) willing to get it on with strangers on camera, and you film the ensuing emotional car wreck. 

Foursome: Walk of Shame takes it up a notch by getting celebrity comedians to make fun of the real-life characters getting busy at the Foursome house. What ensues? Nonstop “I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened” hilarity. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll feel better about your own indiscretions.’s Laugh Tracks is a series of interviews featuring two comedians riffing off each other in hilarious conversation. Today, to celebrate Playboy TV’s Season 2 of the ever-debaucherous Foursome: Walk of Shame, we’ve asked two of the show’s comedian commentators, Dana Gould and Danielle Koenig, to hang out and dish Walk of Shame’s shockers. 

Dana Gould: If you want to have someone fly your plane and you have a choice between someone who’s been doing it a year, a pilot that’s been doing it four years or a pilot that’s been doing it 20 years, I would take the pilot that’s been doing it 20 years.

Danielle Koenig: Sure, someone with experience, knowledge.

Gould: I had a meeting at a network where I mentioned Julia Roberts.

Koenig: Uh-oh.

Gould: And the executive said, “I just googled that actress.”

Koenig: Oh come on. That’s not possible.

Gould: Yes, it is possible.

Koenig: Wow. And then it shows that she was in an Oscar-nominated movie this year…

Gould: She wasn’t in a very important comedy recently. Is Pretty Woman considered a comedy?

Koenig: It is considered a comedy. Which is weird. It wasn’t written as a comedy. It was written as a dramatic movie. And then Garry Marshall came onboard and said, “I see hilarity here.”

Gould: [In a voice like a chain-smoking old man from NYC] Hookers are happy! Hookers like their work. Every hooker I know has been very fine!

Koenig: It’ll be fun-ny! They think she’s wearing pantyhose, but she’s not wearing pantyhose! So you are having a day full of shuttling between meetings, I am having a day in my pajamas.

Gould: Oh my God. Like Hef!

Koenig: That’s what Hef is doing right now, too! I know.

Gould: He’s in his pajamas, looking at old Polaroids of his weekends in Cabo with the Landers twins.

Koenig: Now people are going to have to google the Landers twins. I don’t, of course.

Gould: That’s what Google’s for. There was a show called Quark, ladies and gentlemen! There was a show called Quark.

Koenig: I once worked with a guy who claimed he didn’t know the song “Rainbow Connection.” I yelled at him.

Gould: I like when people clearly know it but they’re just pretending to be younger. I worked with a guy once who claimed never to have heard of “Mr. Gorbachev, please tear down this wall.” I don’t know what it is.

Koenig: He could just have been stupid. It could have been one of the people in this house. I don’t mean my house. I mean the fuckhouse that we affectionately call “The House” on Foursome.

Gould: Ridiculous. The dumbest women and the douchiest men on the planet all come together. I have recently become a single person again after 18 years of not being single and saw this show and immediately stuck with the first woman I met who seemed capable of dressing herself and cutting food with a knife.

Koenig: You’re like, “I’m never dating again, that’s it.”

Gould: Yeah. I just can’t do it. Danielle, why do you want to be in Playboy? Let’s just get right to the front of the line.

Koenig: Well, you know what, you get to a certain age and you say, “I’ve done everything else. How can I further debase myself?” It’s very hard explaining to people that I’ve done this show. I go “Well, there’s this show where they’ve gotten four idiots together in a house and they have sex.” And they’re waiting for the part where I come in, you know. So I’m like, “Okay, I’m not one of the idiots, I’m one of the people making fun of the idiots.”

So I know you’re a dad. And I’m a mom, and every time I watch one of these shows I’m like, do these women—even these guys—do they have parents? Are they still living? Is there any sense of shame that happens? I guess my parents taught me enough self-respect/shame.

Gould: See you’re Jewish, and I’m Catholic, so together we have a sense of shame and guilt. I also think, if you look at someone like Paris Hilton, having your sex tape get out is a career move. It used to be you used to have to move away to a different country.

Koenig: But in those cases at least one of the two people on the tape is somewhat known. The problem with these people is that they’re all anonymous idiots, so it’s not going to help them in any way.

Gould: The name of the show is Walk of Shame. Why did they change “Walk of” from “Have you no”?

Koenig: Right. I wonder if the people who are on the show watch this version of it? That would be awesome. That would a great show to then watch the people on the show watching our version with the commentary, and then we could comment on that.

Gould: You have Walk of Shame, which is making fun of Foursome. And then we could have Watch of Shame, which is the people on Foursome watching Walk of Shame. And then you get Chris Hardwick to host Watching Watch of Shame.

Koenig: He needs another job, he really does.

Gould: And people can watch the parody of the show they did before.

Koenig: I love it. And the people have to be stone-cold sober watching it.

Gould: One more show and you’re no longer alive. A wormhole opens up.

Massachusetts native Dana Gould arrived in Los Angeles in the early ’90s, where he became one of the founding fathers of the alternative comedy movement. After starring in the TV series Working and guesting on such shows as The Ben Stiller Show and Seinfeld, Gould joined the writing staff of The Simpsons, eventually becoming executive producer of the legendary show. In addition to his podcast, The Dana Gould Hour, which premiered in February 2012, he is currently developing, along with the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, a new pilot for F/X, Rock Bottom.

Danielle Koenig is a comedy writer whose credits include The Dish, Parental Discretion with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor and Fashion Police. She’s also written for animated shows, including Invader ZIM, Wordgirl, The Replacements and Disney’s upcoming Star and the Forces of Evil. While appearing on Foursome is a low point in most people’s lives, appearing on Foursome: Walk of Shame to make fun of those people is a professional and personal zenith for Koenig.

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